Benefits of a beauty blog

Are you looking for new ways to promote your beauty and aesthetics business? Want to find new clientele or at least get your brand name out there? Well, have you considered a beauty blog? Or maybe you did but have been delaying starting one? 

There are many reasons why establishing a beauty blog as a small business is a great marketing strategy. Ultimately, your goal is to increase your brand awareness, receive more enquiries and revenue. 

What are The Benefits of Using a Blog to Boost your Beauty Business?

Demonstrate your beauty knowledge/expertise:

With a blog, you will be writing engaging posts that will hopefully convert your readers to customers. You want to engage them with stories, experiences, advice and knowledge. All of these will enable you to position yourself as an expert in your industry. 

Using stories and experiences will allow you to share your previous work and demonstrate how you had solved past clients problems. Let’s say, for example, writing a blog about treating acne, and you have treated a client with severe acne in the past. With this experience, you can show your expertise by using before and after pictures whilst giving advice and treatment options to secure future clients.

By demonstrating your knowledge of the beauty industry, treatments and more, you are likely to build trust with your readers.

Blogging often will increase your websites’ traffic:

There are many sources out there that have found that blogging regularly increases your website’s traffic. Similarly to most small businesses, you may only have a few pages on your website, which probably include the following:

  • Treatments/Services
  • Prices
  • Location

Unless you are a well-known brand, the chances of potential customers finding you through any of these pages are slim. This is where publishing blogs regularly helps! 

Whenever you create and publish a new blog, that is an extra page on your website. These new pages are another opportunity to appear on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, driving more readers looking for beauty blogs to your website. 

Reusing blogs generates more content to share across various platforms:

If the pandemic proved anything, it’s how easy difficult it can be to generate enough content for social media. It’s especially difficult if your beauty business is closed or unable to operate as you may not have pictures/videos of treatments to share.

With beauty blog posts, you are regularly creating content that you can share on social media via infographics, links and snippets of information. You can also drive social media to your blog by sharing your content on social media!

There are always many other benefits of using a blog to promote your beauty business:

  • If you write well thought out and informative blog posts, they can generate views and traction well into the future without you having to do anything else.
  • As your blog will be about your beauty business, you ensure that your readers are actually interested in beauty and could benefit from your business.


What to Write about for your Beauty Blog?

Well, finding topics to write about for your blog is easier than you think! After all, you have most of the knowledge you need in your chosen industry in your head already.

But here are some tips on how to find topics that you can write about:

1) Carry out Keyword Research before Writing your Beauty Blog

You want your blog to rank well on search engine platforms as that’s a sure-fire way to gain traction on your website. You need to write blogs relating to your business but ensure that you are targeting interested readers. By carrying out keyword research, you will find what is trending amongst your topic on search engines.

For example, you want to write about eyelash extensions because that’s what you offer, so you carry out a quick keyword search on Google. The results will allow you to know what people search for about eyelash extensions and write blogs that answer those searches.

2) Answer Frequently Asked Beauty Questions

If you deal directly with customers and their first enquiries, you already know what they want to know. Think back to when a new customer calls you and wants to find out more about your services.

Do they want to know how long it takes? Are they curious about the pain levels of treatments? Or maybe they want to know how long it takes to see the results of their treatments?

You can bet that these questions your customers ask are more common than you think!

Answering customer queries through blog post topics allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and put your business at the forefront of these questions. And because these questions are probably more common than you think, you’ll end up incorporating keywords.

3) Write about the Latest Industry Trends

The beauty industry is forever changing; new treatments, technological advancements or popular trends. You are always going to have new topics for your beauty blog!

You can share these latest beauty trends through a weekly or monthly summary which gives your readers consistency. These summaries also allow your readers to see your blog as the first point of information for them.

Summaries are also a great way to include various topics that will interest a wide range of readers!

Hopefully, the above points have encouraged you to start your beauty blog today! If you are looking for more tips on pushing your freelance/small beauty business, why not check out our other blog posts.

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