Why take VTCT Level 4 Microblading Course

The VTCT Level 4 Course in eyebrow microblading/nanoblading techniques is an advanced qualification specially designed for whoever wishes to pursue a career as a microblading technician. This microblading course at Ray Cochrane Beauty School in London will help you develop the skills required to perform professional microblading treatments, from total beginner to an exceptionally high standard. In turn, this will benefit you in this highly profitable and exciting industry.

With this course, you will gain the ABT (Accredited Beauty Therapy) qualification after five weeks, attending one day a week (five classes in total). Then, you will continue to conduct further case studies and pass an external exam and practical assessment to gain the highly sought-after advanced VTCT Level 4 qualification.

Founded by beauty pioneer Mrs Ray Cochrane in 1954, we have over 60 years of experience and knowledge within the beauty industry. We are proud to be the longest established CIDESCO school in the UK, an internationally recognised and renowned qualification. We offer a variety of courses in Beauty Therapy, Laser and Skin and Nail and Brow from respected accreditors. 

The VTCT Level 4 Microblading Course at Ray Cochrane Beauty School is incredibly popular, as microblading treatments are trending in the industry. It comprises some of the most advanced training programmes and material. For more information, watch our course introduction by one of our tutors, Eleanora Androva:

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Course Outline
What will you learn?

Students will develop the ability to practically apply their knowledge, understanding and skills to enhance eyebrows with microblading techniques.

In parallel, students will build their health and safety knowledge and communication, consultation and client care skills, all of which are valued highly by employers.

In the microblading unit, our training will cover skills to analyse the skin, identify treatment contradictions and risks, and formulate a specific treatment plan to suit individual client needs.

This will include consultation, shaping the eyebrows with pre-drawing techniques and knowledge of pigments. Students will be asked to work on artificial skin first to practise the best techniques before treating clients.

To obtain VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Microblading, you need to learn 5 units which are:
  • 1 Health and safety in the salon
  • 2 Client care and consultation
  • 3 Enhance appearance using microblading techniques
  • 4 Anatomy and physiology for microblading techniques
  • 5 Eyebrow shaping services


I just finished my level 4 Microblading course with Eleonora. I can honestly say she is the best tutor, she gives individual attention to every student and explains everything in detail. I did lots of research before starting this course, Ray Cochrane Beauty school looked like good option given the details I was provided when I called them and I’m glad I made the right decision. I am really happy to chose this beauty School, and Eleonora made me confident in Microblading. Thank you Eleonora 😊

_Rajasree Nair

I was very skeptical initially and did a lot research where to join for training. Microblading isn’t an easy task as it requires a lot of precision and understanding. But I can happily say joining Ray Cochrane beauty school was the best decision I made. They teach you from the basics and build you slowly over a span of few weeks to ensure you understand the technique thoroughly. Miss Eleonora is the best instructor she gives you individual attention and gives feedback on each stroke and really puts in effort to make you the best. She will only pass you if she thinks you’re capable which gave me confidence on their level of quality. My clients tell me I have the best technique - the most natural looking- from all that they have seen. Thank you Miss Eleonora and Ray Cochrane school♥️

_Ushna Khan

I’ve had the best experience with Ray Cochrane Beauty School so far. Eleonora Is the most patient, highly professional, gracious and kind teacher, I feel I have truly learnt microblading from the best. She’s always been available to answer questions and put me at ease throughout the course. She is clearly extremely professional and has so much knowledge not just of microblading but in the beauty industry as a whole. I’m happy with the structure of the course and the equipment provided was amazing. I think the course is very good value for money. I highly recommend Ray Cochrane Beauty School and Eleonora to anyone looking to get into the beauty industry. Thank you so much and I hope to do more courses soon! X

_Bea Auty

Dates and fees
Start Dates Location Course Type Duration Places Left
Thu, 6 Jun 2024 Baker Street 1 day per week Fr 5 weeks Full
Thu, 12 Sep 2024 Baker Street 1 day per week Fr 5 weeks 5
Course Fee

£2,595 (VAT incl.)

Including course registration, exam/assessment fee, log book, learning pack, uniform and professional kits.

School Attendance: One Day per Week for 5 weeks

First 5 days over 5 weeks of theory and practical training at the school

Then the learners will spend about 1-2 months undertaking 4 case studies and coursework at their place fully supported by the school

Finally, the Learner will spend 2 days at the school to complete 2 practical assessments and a written test(s)

Class hours: 10 am to 5 pm

Class size: up to 8 students/class

Payment options

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  • Initial payment, £2,495.00
  • Saving £100
  • Available to all students
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10 Month Interest-Free Instalments
Credit check required
  • Deposit £519.00
  • 10 instalments: £207.60/month
  • Subject to credit check & status
Enrol Now - Option 2
Easy Payment with Deposit
No credit check required
  • Deposit £795.00
  • Balance £1800.00 payable 7 days prior to the course date
  • Available to all students
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  • 1 How will I be assessed during the Level 4 microblading course?

    To complete the ABT qualification, students must complete a series of assessments for each unit, verifying the student’s understanding and practical implementation of the knowledge and skills required to attain professional competence.  There are five course days over five weeks. After completing the initial five weeks and two case studies, you will gain the Accredited Beauty Therapy (ABT) qualification, which will allow you to acquire insurance to start practising by yourself or in a salon.  To complete the VTCT Level 4 Microblading course, students must produce evidence of a series of ten case studies on top of their existing two case studies. This is to be completed over three to four months after the five-week course to consolidate and demonstrate consistent applications of all the knowledge and practical skills in one place.  In total, this will amount to the required ten case studies. After completing your case studies (after four months), you will have your last two course days for assessments and tests. Case studies will be sent to the tutor for review, who will verify that best practice is being adhered to and review your progression in terms of skill level.  Note: Not all ten case studies need to be completed to be reviewed. You may send each case study to the tutor once you have completed each one. The practical assessments and tests (the last two course days) will always be held three to four months after the initial five course days.

  • 2 What is the structure of a Level 4 microblading course?

    There are five course days over five weeks. After completing the initial five weeks and two case studies, you will gain the Accredited Beauty Therapy (ABT) qualification, which will allow you to acquire insurance to start practising by yourself or in a salon. Upon successfully completing the VTCT Level 4 Microblading/Nanoblading training, you will have a high level of competence in performing microblading/nanoblading treatments.

  • 3 What are our course tutors like?

    We take great care in selecting our team of educators and staff members. All our tutors possess subject qualifications in the specific areas they teach as well as teaching qualifications. This ensures that they are well-equipped to teach and guide students effectively. We prioritise candidates with a substantial background in the industry. Our tutors with years of hands-on experience bring not only their expertise but also their real-world insights to the classroom.


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