Curriculum Policy

The school values the ethos of co-operation and care, where everyone is willing to listen and where everyone expects the same high standard of common courtesy and behavior. Students and adults want to learn and experience rich, creative, well planned and well resourced curriculum of learning activities, which promote excellence. We all work in partnership, valuing and respecting each other, understanding our different responsibilities but all engaged in the task of improvement. Students and adults teach and learn in a clean, safe, enjoyable and nonthreatening but stimulating environment, which is cared for, and valued by all. We recognise that each person is unique and has equal rights within a setting of tolerance and understanding.

We aim to raise achievement in beauty school as a vital key to improving the quality of life; acknowledging and challenging disadvantage and discrimination in all forms; value individuals and communities.

Acknowledge specific individual needs and meet them as far as possible within available resources; Provide wide and varied experiences, which are based upon CIDESCO and CIBTAC Curriculum. Plan for exciting, stimulating and creative experiences supported by appropriate plans and schemes of work.

Concerns Procedure

Due to the intensity of the course and the resulting pressure of studying, the smallest problem can sometimes create concern. Generally these concerns are minor and are resolved quickly and easily. However, from time to time a serious concern may arise. To ensure due sensitivity in handling the matter and a fair outcome, the following procedure will help:

  1. Discuss your concern at once with the other party to prevent the situation from getting worse. If you are unable to do so or are unhappy with the outcome, express your concern in the Communication Book.
  2. If this does not resolve the matter please fill in a Concern Form (pages 15 & 16) and forward to the Principal who will then arrange a meeting with the student shortly. All concerns/appeals are regarded as confidential to those involved, who will attend the meeting. We hope to resolve the concern/appeal at that meeting. If a satisfactory outcome is not reached due to the response/action requiring liaising with CIDESCO and CIBTAC our external monitoring bodies; then we ask that you be patient with us. All concerns/appeals are kept on file and the student may retain a copy.