Beauty and Aesthetic Training Courses

Welcome to Ray Cochrane Beauty Aesthetics Academy.

Develop your beauty therapy and aesthetics skills at the premier beauty therapist training school in London.

Founded in 1954, we are proud to be one of the longest-established private beauty aesthetics academies in the heart of London, UK. Our academy has been a hub of knowledge and skill refinement in the field of beauty therapy and aesthetics for several decades and our commitment to excellence in beauty education has not changed throughout the years. We have chosen to remain a small and selective institution intentionally.

This allows us to provide a level of tuition and support which larger institutions might struggle to offer. Our team of tutors are all esteemed graduates in their fields. They are dedicated and passionate professionals who strive to share their knowledge and expertise, ensuring our students graduate as highly-qualified, confident, and competent beauty therapists.

We offer an exceptional educational experience in beauty therapy courses as well as aesthetics and skincare courses. Our courses are carefully made and delivered by our highly qualified professional lecturers in a safe, encouraging, and supportive training environment. We prioritise hands-on training, to make sure our students gain practical experience and develop the necessary skills for the real world. Our aim is for every student to feel confident and competent, ready to deliver high-quality services in the beauty industry.

Our main objective is to educate and train you to the highest of standards and to see you reach your full potential within the beauty industry. We aim to turn passion into expertise, students into professionals, offering all the tools you need for a successful career in beauty, skincare & aesthetics.

One of the unique aspects of our beauty training is the emphasis we place on nurturing the creativity and individuality of our students. We recognise that beauty is an art form, and each person brings their own unique perspective and style to the table.

Our instructors encourage our students to explore their creativity, allowing them to develop their own signature technique. As a family business, our passion for beauty education goes beyond the classroom. We are invested in the success of each and every one of our students, and we are committed to providing ongoing support and guidance even after they graduate.

We take pride in seeing our alumni thrive in their chosen careers, knowing that we played a part in their journey towards achieving their goals.

Join our 70-year-old legacy and become a part of the Ray Cochrane Beauty Aesthetics Academy family. We can’t wait to welcome you in 2024!