These Terms and Conditions are an essential part of the contract between the School (Ray Cochrane Limited trading as Ray Cochrane Beauty School and or Ray Cochrane Beauty Aesthetics Academy) and the Student. It is essential that the Student reads and understands and acknowledges the importance of these Terms and Conditions.  Failure to adhere to these Terms and Conditions will be treated as a material breach of the contract between the School and the Student. These Terms and Conditions may not be changed or amended, without the express written agreement of the School’s Managing Director.  


1.1 Prior to enrolling on a Course, the Student will be expected to have undertaken a full review of the Course content.  Additionally, the Student may have attended an interview (this could be online or by telephone) where details of the Course will have been fully explained.  To enrol on a reserve a place on a Course, Students are required to pay a deposit which will be deducted from the total Course fee. Upon the confirmation of this enrolment, the Student will become liable to pay the balance of the total Course fee.  All deposits and Course fees are non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances.

1.2 In the event of a Student failing to attend or being unable to take up their place on a Course which they have already enrolled in or the Student drops out or chooses to withdraw from the Course or the Student is removed from the Course, then in those circumstances no refunds of the deposit or the total Course fee will be made and there will be no entitlement for the Student to be placed on a similar Course to be undertaken on a different date in the future.

Once enrolment has been confirmed, and the Student chooses to withdraw or cannot undertake the Course for any reason, the Student will still be liable to pay the balance (if any) of the outstanding Course fee.  The following reasons (not an exhaustive list): personal problems, illness, change of mind, relocation, pregnancy, illness, or death in the family, change in personal circumstances, failure to obtain a visa or a loan are all examples of reasons which will not be accepted for deposits or total Course fees to be refunded. 

1.3 The fee the School charges for the Course includes the cost to the School of its overheads, expenses, preparatory work, all special equipment, and materials required for the Course, together with payments made by the School to the awarding bodies referred to above.  For this reason, Students must appreciate that once enrolled, deposits and total Course fees will not be refunded.  Fees can be paid in full at the time of enrolment. Fees can also be paid with a deposit and the balance must be paid no later than seven (7) days prior to the Course start date. Failure to do so will result in any deposit being forfeited and the balance of the total Course fee becoming due and payable.

1.4 The Course fees may be paid in agreed instalments.  Any instalment plan must be agreed in writing prior to the Course commencing and is entirely at the discretion of the School.   If an instalment plan is agreed, then a direct debit must be set up a minimum of ten (10) working days before the Course start date.

1.5 Students who are paying their Course fees by way of instalments (subject to prior written agreement with the School), will be required to make all instalment payments by direct debit on preset dates. Late or non-payment of instalments, may result in the Student being removed from the Course, forfeiting all sums paid to date and the Student remaining liable to pay the remainder of their Course fees.

1.6 If an agreed instalment plan for the payment of Course fees is not followed, then the Student in addition to forfeiting their place on the Course may also be excluded from any relevant assessment, exam, reassessment, have their assessments or reassessment unmarked, or have their assessment or reassessment results and materials for their Course withheld.

1.7 All Students will be required to purchase a kit(s) and towel bundles for practicing purposes unless otherwise specified (excluding Laser Course(s)).  Students will be required to bring the appropriate kits(s) and towel bundles on training days. Failure to do so may result in Students not being able to attend lessons/practice or to be assessed.

1.8 All Students will be required to practice on other students unless models are required for the practical assessment which will then be the responsibility of the Student to bring along but will be specified by the School.

1.9 Some Courses may require a patch test at least 48 hours prior to the Course date. This will apply especially to eye and laser treatments. The requirement for a patch test (for health and safety and compliance purposes), will be specified in the Course information provided to the Student.

1.10 In the event a Student has a medical condition (conditions) that may have an impact upon their ability to undertake the Course or to work as a model as part of their Course, then they will be required to notify the School in writing before they are enrolling on the Course. Late notification and non-disclosure of your medical condition will result in you being liable for any disruptions caused or loss incurred. If the Student is unable to be a model, then they may be required to bring along another individual to act as a model in order they may be practised upon. Late notification in connection with being unable to model may result in the Student’s place on the Course being terminated (see School Regulations clause 2.6 below).

1.11 The School regulations require all students to be well presented at all times. This means that they should be in uniform, hair should be neatly tied back and out of the face, no jewellery, all piercings removed for health & safety purposes, and fingernails cut short and to be clean. Personal hygiene standards should be adhered to.

1.12 All Students will be required to wear the appropriate uniform for their Course and for every lesson when they are in attendance at the School. Being in uniform means, that the Student is wearing the School tunic, plain black trousers (no jeans or sportswear pants), and smart closed flat black shoes (no trainers, sports shoes, or boots).

1.13 Students will be expected to always behave in a professional and respectful manner towards fellow students, teaching staff, and all others working within the School.  The School has a zero-tolerance policy towards any type of conduct which is disruptive, abusive, bullying in nature, disrespectful and has the impact of making another individual uncomfortable or fearing for their safety.  Such conduct on the part of the Student may result in the Student being removed from the Course.  The School reserves the right to terminate the training/teaching of any Student who fails to follow the Schools regulations or whose conduct is found to be detrimental to the overall activities of the School. In the event the Student is removed from their Course, then they will also forfeit any fees they have paid and will not be allowed to complete their Course or sit any exams or undertake any assessments or reassessments.  If fees are outstanding to the School at the time a Student is removed because of their conduct, then the School will pursue that Student for all outstanding fees.

1.14 In order to ensure that all Courses offered by the School are up to date, compliant and appropriate, the School reserves the right to alter the Course content, curriculum and syllabus without prior notice.  Were it is possible to do so, the School will provide notice.  The School has complete and sole discretion in connection with all issues about Course content.

1.15 The parents or legal guardians of Students who are under the age of 18 years of age are responsible for enrolment fees, general behaviour, and discipline of that Student. They are expected to give their full support and encouragement to the aims of the School and to uphold and promote its good name, to continue the Students’ education at home (if applicable). The signature of a parent or legal guardian agreeing to these Terms will be required at enrolment.

1.16 If a Student has any issue, concern, or complaint about the Course they are undertaking, then they must formally notify either their Course lecturer or School management.  The School requires the Student to put in writing the nature of their concerns, examples of conduct or behaviour which maybe the cause of their complaint and the remedy they are seeking (within 48 hours of any incident or issues which forms the basis of their complaint).  The School will investigate all complaints and use reasonable endeavours to address their concerns and to achieve a resolution.  Resolutions will not extend to refunding Course fees or allowing the Student to transfer to another Course.  Complaints received after the Student has completed their Course will not be entertained under any circumstances.



2. General School Regulations

2.1 The wearing of the School’s uniform is mandatory.  This may change from time to time.  The uniform includes: a School tunic, black trousers, and smart closed flat black shoes.

2.2 Hair should be put up above the collar in the chignon and kept off the face with a navy or white hair band; nails kept short and unvarnished; day make-up must be worn. Students are not allowed to wear any jewellery (including body jewellery), other than a wedding band and ear studs (max ½ cm), during School hours.

2.3 Lockers Policy. Lockers must be kept clean and tidy at all times. Students use their padlocks for the lockers and bring all personal belongings to the school at their own risk. The School does not accept legal responsibility for any loss or damage to these items. If a student loses a key for the padlock to the locker, she/he/they will have to arrange a locksmith at their cost to remove the padlock safely. If a student leaves their belongings in a locker overnight, the school has the right to remove belongings.  The Student can claim the belongings removed by the school at the school’s admin office for up to two weeks after we remove them. After this time, the school will not be responsible for the belongings.

2.4 Students are advised that jewellery, valuables, or cash must not be brought into the School as the School cannot be held responsible for the safe storage and safe keeping of property belonging to Students and cannot be held responsible for any loss.

2.5 Students must collect their VTCT certificates within twelve (12) weeks from the school’s first notification date. Portfolio folders must be collected within twelve (12) weeks from their Course completion date or within eight(8) weeks from their VTCT qualification(s) issued by VTCT whenever later.   The folders will be securely destroyed beyond this date without further notice. We cannot extend it due to the limited office space. If you or your appointed representative can’t collect the qualification and/or folder in person, you can arrange a prepaid collection service at your specifications and cost.

2.6 Students are expected to model for practical classes. Any Student who is unable to model for any reason, must notify the School at the time of enrolment.  In that situation, if alternate arrangements cannot be made, then the School reserves the right to not accept that Student onto the Course.  If notification is provided after the Course has commenced, then such late notification will be treated as a material failure to notify on the part of the Student and the School reserves the right to terminate the Student’s training, which will result in any deposit and Course fees being forfeited and if there is a balance due, the said balance being payable immediately.

2.7 Students are required to attend all demonstrations and extracurricular activities.

2.8 CIDESCO/CIBTAC classes are from Monday to Wednesday 9:30am to 4:45pm Thursday 9:30am to 6:30pm/8:00pm Lunch Break from 12.45pm to 1.30pm unless otherwise stated.  The School reserves the right to alter these times as it sees fit and appropriate.

2.9 VTCT day classes are from 9:30am/10:00am to 5:00pm and evening classes are from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

2.10 Client days are an integral and mandatory part of CIDESCO and VTCT level 2 & 3 beauty combi Courses – this includes (inter alia) client liaison, sales, and housekeeping.

2.11 Students will be expected to be in attendance and ready for class before the time scheduled for the class to start.   Students who arrive late in class will be marked absent in the register for that class.  Classes will not be delayed for latecomers and teachers are not responsible for repeating work/Course content which may have been missed.  Latecomers may be requested to wait until a suitable break in teaching before entering a class.   If a Student is late on three (3) separate occasions, that conduct will be classed as a breach of the School’s regulations and that may result in disciplinary action.

2.12 Absent Students are asked to telephone/email the School by 10.00 am. Messages from fellow Students will not be accepted. An absence form must subsequently be completed. A medical note is required for more than three days’ absence.

2.13 Students are considered absent for the morning or afternoon session if they leave the School without prior permission.

2.14 Students are advised that punctuality, attendance, neatness of work, personal presentation, conduct, and a thorough knowledge of subjects are taken into account when awarding the diplomas/certificates.

2.15 All Students must complete the required number of hours in accordance with the School’s and examining boards’ regulations and have a thorough theoretical and practical knowledge of their Course material, to be eligible for the VTCT assessments and CIBTAC, CIDESCO examinations.

2.16 The School requires all Students to pass the CIBTAC examinations with a minimum mark of 60%, before they can proceed to the CIDESCO examination.

2.17 For VTCT Courses, you must have a minimum of 85% attendance for teaching in the classroom for each subject/module. For examination-based Courses, you must have at least 80% attendance, and 90% salon hours. In addition, if you miss more than 100 hours in total on either a CIBTAC or CIDESCO Course, you will not be registered for the examination.

2.18 It is not the responsibility of the School or individual teachers to provide additional teaching hours for Students to ‘catch up’ on education missed due to lateness or absenteeism for whatever reason.

2.19 If a Student fails a written VTCT theory test, the first resit is free.  There will be a £20 per resit fee thereafter. In the event the Student informs the School that they have a valid reason as to why they have failed the exam, then in those circumstances, the School will review the merits of the Students application.  If the School is satisfied with the Students explanation (so discretion of the School), then the School may allow the Student to re-sit at a time which is convenient to the School.

2.20 Students failing to complete their assessments, variations, ranges, etc., during the period of their Course will be charged by the hour for any further teaching/supervision/assessment. These sessions will be at the convenience of the School. The current hourly rate is £45/hour.

2.21 For assessment-based Courses, it may be necessary for you to join in during the next intake to complete work and assessments missed subject to an additional fee and Course availability.

2.22 For exam retakes there will be a retake fee.   For any refresher training required there will be a fee payable. Check with the Administration Department for the current rates.

2.23 The School will be closed on all UK public holidays. If a public holiday falls during your Course, no extra days will be added to your Course or reduction in fees given.  We have accounted for these days within our teaching plan.   Time off for official religious holidays, booked holidays and planned weddings, medical appointments, etc., must be discussed and agreed upon before or at the time enrolment. We recommend that all absences be avoided where possible.

2.24 Paying for and/or attending a Course fully does not guarantee a qualification, diploma, or certificate of achievement. Awards of achievement are gained by the successful fulfilment of the criteria set out by the various awarding bodies. The decision of the School is final in all cases connected to the award of a qualification, diploma, or certificate of achievement.

2.25 Liability. The School does not accept liability for damage or loss to your property or a guest’s property that may happen UK Terms and Conditions December 2022 on the premises other than the liability that arises from our negligence or our failure to take reasonable care. The School does not accept liability for the injury or death of any member, child, or guest that may happen on the premises other than the liability that arises from our negligence or our failure to take reasonable care. Nothing in these terms and conditions is meant to limit any rights you might have as a consumer.


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