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Develop your beauty skills at the premier beauty therapy training school in London

Here at Ray Cochrane Beauty School London we are dedicated to producing the UK’S finest Beauty Therapists, as we have done for over 60 years.  

We aim to continue our reputation of being one of the leading CIDESCO approved schools in the UK. We aim to ensure students are trained to a professional standard while maintaining a safe, supportive, encouraging and motivating environment for both Lecturers and Students.

Qualifications attained are CIDESCO ,CIBTAC and VTCT beauty diplomas –these internationally recognised diplomas in Beauty Therapy, Nail and Laser Treatments enable students to work overseas and in the UK. Within the academic year students are also taught advanced aesthetic treatments such as skin peels and microdermabrasion facials.

In order to achieve these prestigious diplomas students have to be motivated and dedicated as the training program is so intense.  Students from all over the world have trained at Ray Cochrane Beauty School London. Many own their own their own beauty business worldwide.

Our Core Values

We teach with industry leading beauty instructors, who strive to develop innovative ways to help you grasp difficult subject areas and techniques; who deliver results by getting you to realise your own potential. We provide you with both theoretical and hands‐on education covering all aspects of beauty therapy.

We look at our students from a potential employer’s perspective. We refine and polish our raw stones until they are polished gems or sparkling diamonds shining and standing out  in the beauty industry. We examine our students in the Student Salon to ensure they carry out their treatments correctly, in industry acceptable time and above all with excellent client care and attention. 

We value loyalty, trust, honesty, fairness, honour, conscientiousness, punctuality, attendance and hard work. We expect our students to abide by our school rules as they have put in place to ensure a safe learning environment in that every student is respected, valued and attends class as scheduled.

The Ray Cochrane Team are passionate about the level of delivery we provide, the beauty industry itself, the skills that are being imparted to you our student and the need for you to have successful student learning outcome

Our lecturers are ambitious for their continued professional development and their own goals.  They are also ambitious for your success as our students and for encouraging and developing your ambitions.

All of the above achieved in a fun, friendly, supportive and encouraging environment for student, clients and lecturers.  A place where people feel a sense of comradery and teamwork.

The Ray Cochrane name resonates excellence among beauty professionals. We produce market ready graduates with the knowledge and skills to succeed; and we connect you with our alumni and with industry professionals to further your development and employment opportunities. Many businesses contact us regarding employment opportunities as our graduates project professionalism, initiative, and keenness and are industry ready.

Our beauty school is conveniently located in Westminster, the central of London, only 2 minutes from Baker Street Tube Station and 4 minutes walk from Marylebone Train Station.