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Being that London is the capital city of England and one of the world’s most famous locations, it stands to reason that an aspiring beautician would expect to find first-class accredited beauty courses on offer there. Not only is this indeed the case, but Ray Cochrane Beauty School are proud to be able to deliver these courses to the highest possible standard, giving you the very best beauty training.

We have a wide variety of accredited courses, in particular, several aimed at those seeking a VTCT Level 2 qualification. Let’s begin with the VTCT Level 2 Beauty Therapy course, which is one of the most popular beauty courses that you can enrol on, as it boosts your credentials and gives you a great starting point within the industry. This is a fast-track course which brings together all of the elements from an NVQ/VRQ course into a 20-week programme requiring only one day of attendance from yourself. It’s a course which is of great interest to the vast majority of those wishing to pursue a career in beauty, and with a major accreditation as your reward upon completion.

If you’re looking for something that is a little more specific, though, then we suggest that you take a look at the VTCT Level 2 Facial and Skin Care course. As the name implies, this focuses primarily on facial massage and skin care treatments, which is ideal if these are the treatments that you are hoping to carry out once you are working in the industry. Because it picks out a small percentage of the beauty range, the course becomes shorter, allowing you to complete it inside six weeks, meaning that you could go from student to beautician within a very short amount of time.

But what if you’re already qualified at Level 2, and you’re simply looking to expand your skill set? Then we recommend the VTCT Level 3 course, which focuses on advanced levels of treatments, and allows you to become fully qualified to go beyond a typical salon. Indeed, a VTCT Level 3 qualification could land you a role as a beautician in a major high-street retailer (such as John Lewis), a hotel, a spa, an airport or even a cruise ship. The course takes 12 weeks to complete, allowing you to quickly progress and to start being considered for a very well-paying position as your career continues to grow.

Finally, let’s look at a course that acts as a transition of sorts. The VTCT Level 2 & 3 Beauty Therapy Combi Course brings together the key elements of both a Level 2 and Level 3 course, which helps to touch up your skills if you’re already in the industry, and for anyone starting out in the field, you can become highly trained and qualified at a faster rate. Focusing on the core elements of each level, and on the treatments, you will be most interested in performing, this course lasts six months, and as with all of our training programmes, you will have the opportunity to learn on-the-job by practising treatments on existing clients.

So, as you can see, we have a variety of accredited beautician courses; it’s all about identifying where you are at within your career, and you’ll be able to determine what course is right for you. Read more about our courses on this page www.