Why I employ Ray Cochrane Graduates

I’ve had the good fortune of recruiting two Ray Cochrane graduates and I can say without hesitation they are major assets to our salon. Like most people involved in the Beauty Therapy world, I know the Ray Cochrane Beauty School is synonymous with quality training and producing highly competent and employable Beauty Therapists. As an employer I find that these graduates have everything we look for.

They both have great social skills. Dealing with customers is a major aspect of our work. You have to be able to meet and greet people, put them at ease, listen to their problems and chat to them. A cheerful, outgoing personality is essential and in a business like ours, we rely on our staff to create a welcoming environment. Because these graduates as part of their training worked in the schools salon, they do this effortlessly. What impressed me the most was how they were both able to advise and direct people to purchase appropriate products which is amazing because in the past with other recruits I’ve had to give them sales training.

In addition to having a excellent practical skills like using our equipment and carrying out treatments effectively and safely, they have a work ethic and I’m grateful to the Ray Cochrane Beauty School for giving them that. They know that a business is only as good as its staff.

They work quickly so as not to keep our clients waiting and to a high standard whilst maintaining a calm and friendly face. This is in large part thanks to the training they have received.

Whenever we’ll have a vacancy, I know for certain my first call will be to the Ray Cochrane Beauty School. Thank you Ray Cochrane. Keep up the good work.

When we had a vacancy at our salon, we received many applications. As part of the recruitment process we interviewed pretty much every applicant and one was a Ray Cochrane graduate. The first thing that struck me when I interviewed her was how confident and vibrant she was. We started her and another girl on a one month trial and I have to say both were very good Beauty Therapists. Both carried out their treatments safely and effectively but what separated your graduate and this was key for me, was her accuracy. Accuracy is essential. For some tasks, close attention to detail is required. Her attention to detail was amazing. I asked her how did she get so good? She smiled and said “If it’s not accurate, Miss Suri will probably come through the door and make me do it again!” You’ve produced a talented Beauty Therapist and we are certainly enjoying the benefits from that. We also, post all our vacancies to your school first. Keep up the good work. — Mary Cohen, Flutter Group