The creation of beauty is a true art. Just a couple of details can change your entire image and turn you into a completely new person. To be the one to wield this art is a unique and fascinating experience. This is why today is not uncommon for people to express interest in attending beauty schools in order to gain more knowledge and skill. Many beauty experts admit that their love for making other people beautiful and seeing them happy with their new looks inspired them to begin their career. Today it is very heartwarming to know that many enthusiasts still wish to spread happiness. It happens worldwide: in the USA, in Europe and UK is not an exception.

Beauty courses in London for beginners and experts

If you live in London and you want to be the one to learn more about the art of beauty, you will be glad to know that there are lots of beauty courses in London that you can attend. Whether you wish to become a hairdresser, a visagiste, a stylist or a nail technician, you can easily find a beauty course or even a beauty school in London that will help you on your path to success.
London can offer you a large variety of courses that will introduce you to the world of beauty. It’s up to you to decide which specialization to choose, but it is worth noticing that nowadays nail courses are incredibly popular. There are thousands of nail schools across the world and more and more students are joining them every year. The reason is quite simple: more and more people begin to understand all challenges and wonders of expert nail care.

Learn more about the art of nail technician

It is not easy to be a nail technician. The task of a real expert goes beyond painting or trimming nails. A professional must have a great knowledge of physiology and anatomy, be very strict about health and safety rules, be great at communication and, naturally, be an artist! It is a constant process of studying and improving your skills, so this is why our courses are great for those who wish to complete their nail art training.

Choosing The best nail technician courses in London

First, select the right nail technician courses.  Either you are new to nail industry and would like to start a new career as a Nail Technician, or want to improve upon your nail technique skills, we always have different nail courses to suit your level and needs. We are running complete nail technician courses or nail unit courses.

Our Most Popular Nail Courses:

NVQ Level 2 Nail Course: For beginners

NVQ Level 2 & 3 Nail Course: Also for beginners and this combination course will take you to level 3 in as soon as 19 weeks

We offer you from 10 weeks that will help you become an experienced nail technician. At our nail technician courses, you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about the art of nails. You will learn how to turn your customer’s hands into a true masterpiece and fully understand the power of colours and shades.

You will also be able to put your knowledge to use.

Our courses encourage hands-on experience, so prepare to improve your skills every day of your training in this nail school. The result will be more than rewarding; after passing your exams and completing the assignments, you will get a VTCT NVQ  Nail Technology Diploma that will officially allow you to work as the nail technician. The diploma is accepted for licensing purposes everywhere in London and in other cities in the UK. If you have ever dreamt of working in beauty salons in Kensington, Brent, Fulham or Westminster, then don’t miss your chance! Sign up for the nail courses now.

All our nail training are carried out at our London beauty school, conveniently located at Baker Street, Westminster, in Central London.  We are only 2 minutes walking distance from Baker Street Underground Station and 5 minutes walking distance from London Marylebone Train Station.