How to become a laser tattoo removal therapist

Tattoos permanently modify the skin by adding a design with tattoo ink, dyes, and pigments to the skin’s dermis layer. As with anything permanent, there can be regrets that follow. People change, life changes, and sometimes, the tattoos no longer resonate or aren’t appropriate for their wearer. So, it’s common for individuals to want to remove their tattoos permanently. In fact, the demand for laser tattoo removal has increased dramatically over the last ten years, according to a report released by VTCT.

This demand can be attributed to the improvements made to laser machines in the last ten years. Before the late 80s, when laser tattoo removal became more accessible, methods of tattoo removal included ways of removing the top layer of skin:

  • acid treatments
  • skin grafting
  • dermabrasion

However, clients are queuing up now that laser tattoo removal is more effective and can treat more skin colours. Therefore, the rising demands for tattoo removal make working as a tattoo removal therapist rewarding financially and in terms of changing your clients’ lives. 

Today’s blog will explain the six steps you need to complete to become a professional tattoo removal therapist:

Step 1: Research what a tattoo removal therapist does

Step 2: Find out if you are suitable to complete the training 

Step 3: Complete the accredited training to become qualified 

Step 4: Choose the right aesthetic training provider for your course

Step 5: Find a clinic to work in and gain experience

Step 6: Build a successful portfolio

Steps to becoming a laser tattoo removal technician

Step 1: Research what a laser tattoo removal technician does and if it’s right for you.

What does a Tattoo Removal Technician do, and how does it work?

As the name suggests, a Laser Tattoo Removal Technician specialises in removing tattoos safely with a laser. To do so, the individual must thoroughly understand laser machines to provide the service safely and correctly to avoid hurting the client.

Laser tattoo removal works as the laser’s energy breaks down the ink in the tattoo into smaller fragments the body can dispel naturally. Removing tattoos with a laser will take several sessions, and the tattoo should get lighter with each session. Depending on the colour, size and boldness of the tattoo will affect how many sessions it will take. 

Most machines nowadays can remove most types of tattoos, such as professional, amateur and even semi-permanent makeup tattoos. These advances in laser machines 

The day-to-day tasks of a professional laser tattoo removal therapist will include client consultations, safe tattoo removal treatments, communicating with clients and managing bookings. If these tasks sound engaging, keep reading to find out what qualifications you need. 

Step 2: Find out if you are suitable to complete the training. 

What Qualifications do I need to become a Laser Tattoo Removal Technician from a beginner?

If you would like to work solely as a laser tattoo removal specialist, then you’ll need the following accredited qualifications:

A Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology qualification is essential for becoming a qualified tattoo removal therapist. The A&P course lays the foundations for understanding the human body and the structure and functions of the various systems. This course can be completed online and is necessary to provide all advanced aesthetic treatments.

On the Level 4 Laser and IPL course, learners develop their ability to use medical-grade laser machines professionally. Level 4 laser training course teaches students how laser and light machines work and practice using laser machines on clients. Throughout the qualification, the focus of training on the laser will be hair removal and skin rejuvenation. 

As mentioned earlier, the route above is for those who want to offer only laser tattoo removal rather than working as an advanced aesthetician.

However, if you are interested in working as an Advanced Aesthetician and adding Laser tattoo removal to your offerings, you need the following:

A recognised beauty qualification is required when working as an advanced aesthetician to demonstrate your understanding of essential treatments.

Step 3: Complete the accredited training to become qualified.

About the VTCT (OFQUAL) Level 5 Certificate in Laser Tattoo Removal 

To become a professional Laser tattoo removal therapist, you must complete the laser tattoo removal course and gain the VTCT level 5 certificate in laser tattoo removal. The qualification will authorise you to perform tattoo removal treatments safely and obtain insurance to work in a clinic/tattoo parlour.

During the course, students will cover the following mandatory modules:

  • Principles and practice of non-medical aesthetic therapies
  • Advanced consultation for non-medical aesthetic therapies
  • Advanced skin care for non-medical aesthetic therapies
  • Remove or fade tattoos using Q-switched laser systems

At Ray Cochrane, we understand that the students interested in completing their level 5 certification will most likely have prior commitments such as working. Hence, we run our level 5 course as a hybrid course, including online theoretical learning and 4 days in person for all practical training and examinations. Running the course this way allows students to further their qualifications without jeopardising their income or taking too many days off.

To successfully complete the Level 5 Laser Tattoo removal course, all learners are required to produce a portfolio, perform practical treatments, review case studies and pass an external examination moderated by the awarding body, VTCT. However, we are confident that they will succeed if students dedicate their time and effort to following the course structure.


Step 4: Choose the right beauty aesthetic academy for your laser tattoo therapist course

When choosing a reputable beauty academy for any advanced aesthetic courses, ask the following questions:

  • Is there hands-on practice involved?
  • Who are the tutors – Do they have recent experience?
  • Do they offer ongoing support to graduates? 
  • What do their previous students say?

Finding a training centre that meets the above criteria will ensure you choose one that will further your aesthetic career growth.

Why choose Ray Cochrane to achieve your Level 5 Laser tattoo removal training? 

Ray Cochrane Beauty Aesthetics Academy is the UK’s largest VTCT-approved laser training provider. Choosing to study with us is like having a recognised reference to show future employers due to our reputation of producing high-quality students.

Our courses have hands-on practice, whether on models, fellow students, or even paying customers. Learners should practice the treatments they are learning on actual people. Other beauty and aesthetic training centres can’t say the same thing. We’ve had learners come to us after completing their training elsewhere due to a lack of confidence in delivering their treatments to live people as they’d never practised, just learnt the theory. 

Tutors at Ray Cochrane are all still actively working in the beauty and aesthetics industry. Forget those teachers still living in the past after retiring years ago, with no idea of current or popular treatments, products and trends. Instead, our tutors regularly deliver aesthetic and beauty treatments to clients as clinic owners or freelancers. 

We support our students and graduates from pre-enrollment to securing employment. The Ray Cochrane Student Opportunities group, is a job board that is only accessible to our learners. We get the first dibs on job postings from famous beauty and aesthetic companies as they already know how qualified our students are.

Finally, don’t just take our word for why you should choose Ray Cochrane for your aesthetic training. We have over 100 5-star reviews on Google that you can check for yourself. 

Step 5: Find a clinic to work in and gain experience.

Once you have completed your Level 5 training, you can start working on clients to remove their tattoos safely with a laser. There are very few clinics that specialise in just tattoo removal. Most clients currently receive Laser tattoo removal from skin clinics that offer other laser treatments. This is because the laser machines used for tattoo removal are great for skin rejuvenation treatments, such as treating scarring, hyperpigmentation etc. It works in the same principle as tattoo removal, as the laser removes something that doesn’t belong there. Also, these laser machines are costly for clinics to buy, and it would be a waste not to use them for more treatments. Hence, we highly recommend all students interested in laser tattoo removal training consider the advanced aesthetic training route. 

If you can deliver other treatments along with laser tattoo removal, there is a high demand for your skills. As a result, you will likely get a job offer before completing your training!

Step 6: Build a successful portfolio

For any successful aesthetician, you need a portfolio of your work. A good portfolio will come naturally over time as you complete more treatments. Clients want to see your skills in the before and after pictures. Especially for tattoo removal, if you’ve treated someone with a similar tattoo and successfully removed it, future clients will know that you can do theirs. 

As your portfolio grows, you can charge more for your treatments, and your demand will increase. However, once you have built a good portfolio, you can safely say you’re a successful tattoo removal therapist!

If you want more information about the Level 5 Certificate in Laser Tattoo Removal, contact us today! Our course advisors can efficiently assist you in becoming a professional tattoo removal therapist.

Regardless of your preferred method of contact, we have a way in which you can easily reach us. If you prefer to get in touch over email, please send your query to us at Outline your laser tattoo removal interest in the subject line. 

Alternatively, you can speak with our dedicated course enrollment advisors, who all have thorough Beauty and Aesthetic knowledge, on 02074866291. Our lines are open Monday – Friday from 9 am – 5 pm.

Lastly, if it is within the opening hours mentioned above, you can use the live chat feature in the right-hand corner of the website.

When submitted enquires about our courses and career pathways, there is no pressure to enrol. Remember, our advisors are just there to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about your career aspirations. 

Skills for a tattoo removal technician

  • Physical stamina
  • Laser machine usage
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Organisation and hygiene
  • Health skills
  • Effective communication


1. How profitable is laser tattoo removal?

Laser tattoo removal can be quite profitable, with the potential to earn a substantial income due to its growing demand and effectiveness.

2. What are the different methods of tattoo removal?

Various methods of tattoo removal include laser removal/IPL, dermabrasion, surgical excision, and fading creams.

3. How long does it take to complete laser tattoo removal training?

Laser tattoo removal training can usually be completed in a few days to a few weeks, depending on the program’s intensity and structure.

4. Is laser tattoo removal in demand?

Yes, laser tattoo removal is in high demand as more people seek to remove or modify their tattoos. The need for trained professionals is increasing.

5. What certifications o you have to have to remove tattoos?

To perform tattoo removal, you typically need a certification in laser safety and operation, often provided by a reputable training institution like us.