become a beauty therapist tutor in a beauty college

Have you become too adjusted to life in the salon and are looking for a change? Or are you keen to pass on your beauty knowledge and experience to the next generation of beauty therapists? Why not consider becoming a college beauty therapy tutor?

We’re sure it will be easier than you think! It can help you start that much needed new career. A career rooted in teaching the subject that you are most passionate about to those passionate to learn.

In today’s blog, we will explain what we at Ray Cochrane look for when hiring a new beauty tutor. As a school that teaches VTCT and CIDESCO courses, of which all are OFQUAL regulated, we expect the highest standard. Whilst it might not be identical everywhere, this is the general standard expected by most beauty schools, colleges and academies. 

However, let’s firstly get into why you should consider a career as a beauty therapy tutor.


Why Become a Beauty Therapy Tutor?

The beauty industry is flourishing and predicted to continue to grow rapidly. The increase has led to a demand for new careers as beauty technicians, aestheticians and facialists. Without a beauty therapy tutor, these careers wouldn’t happen, making the role rewarding and challenging.

A Rewarding Salary:

An important factor to consider with any new job is the salary. A beauty tutor role can pay an average of £30,000 a year, subject to the tutors’ experience. The expected salary is also dependent on the school’s location as those established in busier areas are likely to pay more.

Highly Respected Job:

As with any teaching role, regardless of the subject, teachers are highly revered. Due to the knowledge, they impart to their students, the knowledge that shapes their career and puts them in the best position to succeed. They also help to develop their personalities and self-confidence to perform successfully as a beauty therapist. 

Beauty therapy tutors use the experience that they have developed over the years to guide students. Their career experience will help students learn from their mistakes and keep up with industry standards.

Continue your passion for Beauty Therapy:

Are you tired of the fast-paced nature of the salon and looking to take a step back? Becoming a beauty tutor is a wonderful option for those looking to remain in the beauty industry without working with clients. Also, when passing on their knowledge of beauty treatments to students, tutors can remain up-to-date in beauty techniques. They will also still get to practice techniques when they demonstrate.


The Qualifications Required to Become a Beauty Therapy Tutor?

Whilst there are no formal qualifications needed to become a college beauty therapy tutor. Employers desire their staff to hold some as it can be a testament to their skills and knowledge.

So let’s get into what qualifications the team at Ray Cochrane look for when hiring a beauty therapy tutor.

Subject Qualified:

Whether you will be going in to teach Laser and IPL, Beauty Therapy or Facials, you must have received formal training in that field. Having had formal training will ensure that you have the necessary theoretical knowledge of the subject yourself. For example, when teaching certain Level 3 & 4 beauty courses, you need Anatomy & Physiology knowledge. It will also help you as a tutor to teach better as you would have already learnt all the course materials. 

Beauty Experience:

A simple one. Would you rather; learn from someone with 10 years of experience or no experience? Of course, the ones with 10 years experience and students are no different. The more experience you have, the more likely people will trust your teaching because you appear wiser. In most parts, this is accurate! While working, you can learn from your mistakes, pick up more efficient techniques, and build on your customer service skills. 

As someone with beauty experience, you can also guide your students in what employers are looking for, increasing their employability.  

Teaching Training:

In the beauty industry, this is fundamental as a lot of courses need to be practically assessed. To complete these assessments, beauty colleges will look for a beauty therapy tutor with assessor training. In doing so, they eliminate the costs of hiring an external assessor. 

A good course for this teacher training qualification is the VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement. The qualification is renowned for the learner’s ability to assess both classroom and practical assessments.  

The Skills Required to Become a Beauty Therapy Tutor?

Passionate about Beauty

We are always looking for beauty therapy tutors that have a genuine interest in beauty. We’re not asking them to eat and breathe treatments, but students will expect you to know about the latest beauty trends, products and regulations. All of which ensures that when they finish, they are up-to-date with what clients want.

Most of our current tutors will find ways to build their beauty knowledge in their spare time by:

  • Attending additional training
  • Communicate with salons
  • Attend trade shows

Presenting Skills 

Regardless of the course, as the lecturer, you are responsible for delivering and compiling learning materials. These learning materials should be creative and engaging whilst containing all the relevant information. Hence the presenting skills! Students should feel motivated, inspired through your lessons as they will shape the learners’ beauty career.

Excellent Communication Skills

Some argue that excellent teaching skills are down to 50% knowledge and 50% communication. The communication skills should cover listening, speaking, reading and writing, all of which combined should pass the knowledge on to your students. As much as beauty training courses are practical, there is a lot of theory for students to absorb. You have a responsibility to make it easy for the students to understand and succeed.

Do you match all these skills and qualification to become a beauty therapy tutor, except the teacher training qualification? Then look no further than Ray Cochrane for your assessing vocational achievement qualification!


The VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement

At Ray Cochrane, we offer this course as a distanced learning training course, with the theory delivered online. Upon completion of the course, learners are ready to work in a teaching profession and assess vocational training for NVQ, Awards, Certificates and Diplomas.

On the course, you will complete 3 modules that will prepare you for becoming a beauty tutor:

  • Understanding the principles and practices of assessment
  • Assess occupational competence in the work environment
  • Assess vocational skills, knowledge and understanding

These modules are taught and assessed through various assignments, work placements and classroom training. 

To successfully complete the assessing vocational achievement, students complete:

  • Internal assessment 
  • External assessment 
  • A portfolio of evidence

As a distanced learning course, the opportunity to fit the training around your ongoing priorities are there. Whether you are a full-time mother or an employee, you learn when you are free. You don’t have to put your career goals on hold! Don’t worry though just because you are learning from home doesn’t mean you won’t have access to our experienced tutors. You will receive their contact details so you can ask them questions and career advice etc. This teacher training is vital for improving your classroom and training skills, ensuring you are the very best teacher you can be.


Give us a call on 020 7486 6291 or send us an email at and we’ll be more than happy to help you in your journey to becoming a Beauty Therapy Tutor!