Introducing VTCT anatomy and physiology online course

2021 has been the year of new courses for us here at Ray Cochrane Beauty school. We’ve already launched our online beauty course and have plans of launching Level 4 skin peeling later in June. We are happy to announce that we will now be offering the VTCT Accredited Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology qualification online! Students can now become fully certified online with our VTCT accredited course.

The Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology qualification is a necessary foundation for most beauty and aesthetic training courses. For our Level 3 Beauty Therapy courses, students previously learned Anatomy and Physiology as a module. However, there has been a strong demand from those interested in other advanced aesthetic qualifications to complete their level 3 online A&P. We are so sure that students will love our Online A&P, that we are giving you the chance to complete the first module for free! No credit card needed, just enrol on the course and get access to the first module immediately. 

Who can Benefit from a Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology Qualification?

Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology, is the ideal course for anyone looking to build their existing knowledge on the human body and skin.  

An Anatomy and Physiology qualification trains students with the necessary knowledge to understand the way our bodies work. The training provides knowledge that is crucial to an aesthetic and beauty career. Students will have a better understanding of the various anatomical compositions and the physiological roles of the various internal systems. 

The qualification will support beauticians in correctly assessing and advising clients about the best treatment routes. 

VTCT Level 3 Online Anatomy and Physiology are suitable for those:

  • With no prior beauty or medical training.
  • Posses Level 2 qualifications in beauty training.
  •  Who wants a career in advanced aesthetics.
Study Anatomy & Physiology online


What will the Online Anatomy and Physiology course cover?

In this course, students will develop their knowledge and understanding of :

1. The Organisation of the Body:

This module serves as an introduction. Covering the biochemical Components of the Body and Skin, Anatomical Directions, Cells and Tissues, Organs and Body Systems. 

2. Structure, Function, and Pathologies of the Skin, Hair, and Nails:

The module will cover the various functions, structure makeup, and pathologies of the skin, hair and, nails. 

3. Cells and Tissues found in the Body:

Students will learn about Cells, Cell Structure, and Functions. Along with Cell Reproduction and tissues in this module.  

4. The Skeletal System:

Covering Structure and Function of the Skeletal System, Study of the Bones, and the different Conditions/Diseases That Affect the Skeletal System.

5. Muscular System:

Learning about the Structure and Function of the Muscular System, 

Study of the Muscles and the conditions that affect the Muscular System.

6. Nervous System:

Students can learn about the Structure and Function of the Nervous System, Study the Nerves, and the Brain and Spinal Cord.

7. Endocrine system:

This module focuses on the Endocrine System, glands that secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream. Students will learn about the Structure and Function of the Endocrine System and the conditions that affect them. 

8. Respiratory System:

Learn about the structure and Function of the Respiratory System by studying it in-depth. Students will also learn about the diseases that affect the Respiratory System.

9. Cardiovascular System:

The module focuses on the Cardiovascular system, lymphatic systems, and lymph nodes. Learning also about the Conditions and Diseases that affect them.

10. Digestive System:

Understanding the digestive system and the functions. Students will also know the Conditions and Diseases that affect the Digestive System.

11. Urinary System:

The urinary system produces, stores, and expels urine. In this module, students will understand how the process works, and its potential diseases.

12. Reproductive System:

In the module, students will understand both male and female reproductive systems. 

The course will thoroughly teach students everything they need to know about the anatomy and physiology of the human body.


How will the Online  Course be Taught?

Students enrolled in our online course, will be taught using various tried and tested methods to ensure they can take in all the information.
The Anatomy and Physiology tutors at Ray Cochrane have worked hard to compile all the learning materials and broken each module into sections.

The sections will offer audio, visual and logical learning materials to suit everyone’s learning styles.

VTCT Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology Learning Materials


Each module of the Online Anatomy & Physiology course will consist of a:

  • eBook

    The eBook has been carefully compiled by your tutor, with all the notes and information for the module. The book will include visual depictions of the various body parts along with their functions. Students will also learn about the different pathologies that can inflict the various systems. The eBook is available to be downloaded and kept by the student for them to look over and revise.

  • Webinar

    In the webinar, the tutor will give an in-depth explanation of all the module information. The explanation has been designed to mimic the in-class lessons, talking through presentation slides whilst answering potential questions that students might have when reading the eBook. Students completing the online Anatomy and Physiology course at Ray Cochrane will still receive the same high-quality education as our in-person classes.

  • Assignment

    At the end of each module, students will have to complete assignments. The assignments will be various tasks compiled to demonstrate your understanding of the module. Students will have to download the task sheet, answer the questions in as much detail. Before uploading it, to be marked by the tutor.

  • Test

    Each module is concluded with a prerequisite test that students must complete before moving on to the next module. These tests are mock tests that will help students prepare for their final exam. Students should pass their mocks by at least 70%, which should be no problem with the previous learning materials.

Why Choose Ray Cochrane Beauty School?

The Ray Cochrane Beauty School has over 40 years of experience and is one of the leading beauty schools in the UK. As a family-run business, we are strict in the quality of the courses that we offer students. Industry experts who have many years of experience under their belts are the tutors at RCBS.

There is no difference when it comes to the Online Anatomy & Physiology course. The tutor that will be providing the learning materials and assessing the tasks has over 10 years of beauty experience. 

To ensure a seamless transition to online learning, we are using the latest learning platform. The platform allows a fully immersive learning experience for students. Unlike our competitors, we do not just send you a lot of information to read through and understand in your own time. Students will be able to interact with their tutor and get direct feedback on their assignments via the platform. 

As previously mentioned, we have included in-depth webinars for each module that should fully explain the information of the eBooks. Students will have assistance throughout their online A&P course. We have worked hard to create an online course that increases students’ chances of passing the first time.

Interested in completing your Level 3 online Anatomy & Physiology? Get in touch today!! You can either book the course online or send us an email at  today. Just quote “Online Anatomy & Physiology ” in your header and the right team will be in touch with you!

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