Nail Industry Identity

Creating beauty is something that is an art within itself

To accentuate and add to already pre existing features and highlight them is the mission of beauty therapy. In the Nails industry this is more prevalent than ever. Nails have a long and deep rooted history in our culture. With most cultures having their own form of nail design dating back throughout their respective times. Today the presence of Nail care and nail design is a standard in people’s aesthetic outlook and one of the most essential identity markers. That is part of the make up of what makes one distinctive and different to their peers and a sign of identity.

In studying Nails you will not just be presented with rudimentary techniques to apply everyday over and over to clients. You will have the opportunity in helping to bring your unique, individual craft in helping clients achieve the distinctive Nail look they desire. It is obvious to see that the craft of a Nail Technician expert is respected worldwide.

From the sparkling award shows of Hollywood, to the office lit rooms of London, nails are as popular as ever and how far you want to go as a Nail Technician is up to you. Internationally, the Nail Technician is always in demand and sure to find themselves busy with clients & further opportunities.

Nail Industry Identity

The Art of Being A Nail Tech

Make your own mark in the Nails industry

Doing Nails and becoming a Nail Technician of high quality are two different things. Yes, you may havefound yourself in a nail salon wherethose who are doing your nails areconsidered "experts". But in actualityare good at what they do through simple repetition. This is not todiminish what they do. But a proper professional Nail Technician is someone who has an eye for design, understands why and how they are doing treatments, as well as being well versed in matching what the client sees in their mind in to reality.

Our courses will guide you in every aspect of becoming a Nail Technician.

Giving you the tools and knowledge to start your passion in nails.

Developing your own distinct style and artistic approach.

As well as giving you the confidence and needed edge to make your ownmark in the Nails industry.

A professional must have the ability to understand the anatomy, condition of health and safety intreating nails. Which must be learned and applied. The skillset for art design takes time and proper instruction in order to able to learn to adapt to any situation for a client. Many schools do not offer the time and patience to allow you to learn, fail and ultimately succeed. In choosing Ray Cochrane Beauty school you will have this opportunity to grow and learn.

Our Approach

Choosing the right Nails course

Being a Nail Technician and becoming a Nail Technician might be what is going through your mind at this very moment. There are many courses within London that may interest you for studying to work in the Nails industry. In London there are a plethora of choices to study multiple beauty courses. Whether this is Hairdressing, a stylist, beauty therapist or a Nail Technician.

If you are thinking of studying nails then there is no better place to study than here with us at Ray Cochrane.

With its doors open since 1954 and centrally located on Baker Street in central London, it is the ideal and stress free place to learn your craft in Nails. Our tutors have been consistently producing high quality Nail Technicians over the years with the quality and attention frequently being lauded as the reasons to study here with us at Ray Cochrane Beauty School.

  • Central London Location
  • Experienced & qualified instructors
  • VTCT QUALIFICATION: recognised by employers & insurers across regions
  • Student Salon
  • Hands-on, small group classes
  • The most complete Nail courses in the UK offering a a wide range of topics and techniques

Our Nail Courses

What Nail Technician Course should you do?

Ray Cochrane beauty school offers two courses in Nails. These are the VTCT Level 2 Nail Technician course and the VTCT Level 2 & 3 Nail Technician course. The Level 2 Nail Technician course is good for those who want to study the basics in nail care and design. It is an ideal starting point for the beginner who potentially wants to see if a career, or simply a past time pursuit in Nails is something they might like.

The Level 2 & 3 Nail Technician course is another course we offer. Which teaches more advanced techniques that are the most popular & relevant Nail Treatments today being practiced. We strongly recommend this course for those who are passionate about Nails and can see they’re future in Nails. Or simply it is a great course for those who wish to become experts in Nails, adding another leaf in their book of ever expanding beauty skills.

The Level 2 & 3 Nail Technician is comprehensive with the following being taught to make you the well rounded Nail Technician you need to be:

  • Health & Safety Considerations & Regulations

    Health & Safety Considerations & Regulations

  • Hygiene preparing the client, treatment room & trolley

    Hygiene preparing the client, treatment room & trolley

  • Anatomy & physiology: Structure of the skin, Structure of the nail

    Anatomy & physiology: Structure of the skin, Structure of the nail

  • Nail diseases & disorders

    Nail diseases & disorders

  • Client consultations & Contradictions

    Client consultations & Contradictions

  • Electric files & nail wraps

    Electric files & nail wraps

  • UV Gel Nail Extension

    UV Gel Nail Extension

  • Nail Art

    Nail Art

  • Manicure & Pedicure

    Manicure & Pedicure

After completing your course you will receive the VTCT accredited Diploma. This is a rigorous and completely recognised by employers and insurers. Allowing you to work all over the UK, Mainland Europe and then extending out to other regions beyond. Every year the accreditation is becoming more recognised as a brilliant high standard qualification to obtain for beauty.

Employment in the Nail industry is guaranteed with demands for Nail Technicians constant. As well as this many are seeking the opportunity to go independent as a form of employment. The VTCT accreditation and courses on offer in Ray Cochrane ensure that anyone who comes in our doors, leaves our doors prepared and determined. There has never been a better time to realise your passion in Nails and start your journey.


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