Number 1 Laser Training Centre in London Ray Cochrane

Yes, you read that correctly! Ray Cochrane, according to the VTCT, the UK leading OFQUAL regulated awarding body, intakes are the number 1! We have trained the most laser technicians since the launch of our Level 4 Laser & IPL Course in 2015. How amazing is that? We couldn’t be more grateful for the students who have trusted us to carry out their training, especially for such an advanced course as laser hair removal.

Why Are we the Number 1 in Laser Hair Removal Training?

There are many reasons why we believe those interested in laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation choose us. So, let’s share them with those of you looking to choose us for your aesthetic Laser training.

Experience of Owning an Aesthetic Clinic Chain 

Our school directors, Xubin and Eleanora, have experience operating aesthetic clinics that specialise in laser hair removal. Xubin was a cofounder of Premier Laser and Skin, a renowned and award-winning aesthetic clinic chain. Eleanore currently runs Dermacure, a boutique skin care clinic in central London. This experience means they know what clients want! 

At Ray Cochrane, we have curated a unique Laser and IPL curriculum that prepares our learners for employment immediately upon completion of their course. As laser hair removal employers, Xubin and Eleonora have ensured that those who study with us have an in-depth knowledge of the theory and practical skills required. 

Connections in the Laser and Aesthetics Industry

The Ray Cochrane school has connections with many popular aesthetic clinics throughout the country, and even globally. Due to these connections, we are usually the first point of contact for clinics looking to hire laser technicians or train their current staff. Our long-standing reputation of producing highly qualified students ensures we get exclusive networking and job opportunities. We can share job postings directly with our students and alumni that don’t get posted on other job boards. Simply, our connections mean Ray Cochrane students get jobs quicker! 

Because of the numerous job offers we are getting from around the globe, we created the ‘Ray Cochrane Student and Alumni Opportunities.’ Think of Indeed and Reed but just for our students!

The Best Laser and IPL Equipment 

For our Laser and IPL training, we believe students should train on the best types of equipment. We have invested heavily and acquired the Soprano ICE platinum for laser hair removal training and Harmony XL Pro for laser rejuvenation training. These are the machines used by the leading professional clinics.

The Soprano ICE Platinum is well-known in the laser hair removal industry as being the ‘it’ product. The machine combines 3 laser wavelengths to target skin tissues and hair follicles. It is also practically painless which provides clients with the safest but long-lasting results of any laser hair removal machine on the market. The Soprano ICE platinum can also perform laser hair removal on any skin type, opening therapists up to an array of clients. 

For Skin rejuvenation treatments, the Harmony XL Pro is the answer to many skin concerns. This high-end laser platform can treat acne, hyperpigmentation, skin texture, vascular lesions, and those pesky wrinkles in delicate areas. 

We have found that by training our students on the leading laser machines, they can adapt to any other machine they may use in their employment.

Fast-Track Laser Training Courses

We were one of the first training centres in the UK to offer fast-track Laser hair removal and Skin Rejuvenation training. At Ray Cochrane, we understand that many of our students have other commitments which shouldn’t hinder their ability to learn. In just 4 days, students can qualify as professional laser technicians. We are talking about theory knowledge, practical skills and examinations! Students who complete our fast track course do not lose out on the quality of Ray Cochrane training.

Smaller Class Sizes & Experienced Tutors

Our classes are always smaller in numbers than other beauty and aesthetic training academies. Smaller class sizes ensure that all students get to practice on the machines for a longer time and get more one-on-one time with tutors. Speaking of tutors…all of our beauty and aesthetic tutors are highly qualified industry experts, who are still actively working. Who better to learn from than those who are dealing with clients regularly?

A Long-Standing Reputation

Finally, Ray Cochrane was founded in 1954 and is one of the longest-running beauty schools in the UK. We are also the first school in the UK to train students in CIDESCO, the world’s most prestigious beauty qualification. In that time, we have worked hard to produce the best beauty therapists and aestheticians throughout the country. Our courses, staff, and students are honestly the best of the best and we couldn’t be prouder.

All of us here at Ray Cochrane would like to again, give a huge thanks to everyone who has chosen us for their beauty and aesthetic training. We will continue to offer the best laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation training as we continue to take in new students!