Ray Cochrane x Dermaquest Skin Peeling Partnership

We recently announced that we’d be partnering with DermaQuest for our Level 4 Chemical Skin peeling course. We’re still so excited about Ray Cochrane’s DermaQuest partnership to provide quality skincare products to our aesthetic students.

As you already know, at Ray Cochrane Beauty School, we believe in delivering the highest standard of beauty training to our students. Our prestigious education offers modern training facilities and machinery. RCBS is home to experienced tutors and industry-standard products for all training courses. These measures are to produce industry leaders for the highly competitive beauty sector.

Students enrolled in our renowned Level 4 Advanced Aesthetic courses will now have the opportunity to work with a leading professional skincare brand. DermaQuest combines staple skincare ingredients with the latest scientifically advanced components to create products that give client’s the best outcome.

In today’s blog post, we want to introduce you to DermaQuest as a brand and all the reasons we’ve chosen to work alongside them. We’ll also explain the products that students will be working with before explaining the benefits of skin peeling for clients.


Why the Ray Cochrane x DermaQuest Partnership?

Ray Cochrane DermaQuest Partnership

Family Values

As a family brand, DermaQuest shares similar values with Ray Cochrane Beauty School. Firstly, the brand does not carry out any animal testing, only offering vegan products. In a conscious effort to respect the current environmental and climate issues, the brand also ensures all packaging is recyclable and biodegradable.

Vegan Products

DermaQuest is a great brand for our aesthetic students to work with as the brand puts your client’s results first. All the products are FDA approved, which guarantees the safety of their use on the skin. The FDA ensures the safety of the products by checking all, every 30 days. Students can rest assured that they are working with the safest products when treating clients, limiting irritation. 

Quality over Quantity

The brand is strict on delivering the highest quality product by producing all products in small quantities. There are many benefits to distributing products in small batches. DermaQuest can keep up with the latest innovations and introduce them into the next shipment. This also ensures the brand is ever-evolving and modern. Another benefit of producing products in small batches is that in an unlikely event of a bad quantity, DermaQuest can quickly recall any wrong products.

Natural Ingredients

At Ray Cochrane, our aesthetic tutor, Eleonora, is a believer in natural ingredients and their benefits. Which makes Ray Cochrane’s DermaQuest partnership a no-brainer. DermaQuest, as a brand, believes that less is more. Hence why they do not include any fragrances or perfumes in their product. Fragrances can be harmful to sensitive skin and lead to dermatitis. Dermatitis is the irritation of the skin and can make the skin itchy, dry, or swollen. Something any aesthetic practitioner should want to keep away from their clients!

An Inclusive Brand

Most peeling and rejuvenation products can only treat lighter skin tones. Usually 1-3 on the Fitzpatrick scale. DermaQuest, through extensive research, has ensured that their products can treat Fitzpatrick 1-6. This means that no matter how light or dark, the client’s skin type, there is a product for them!

Treatment for all skin concerns

Clients can have different skin types and concerns, so teaching students with products that serve a distinctive purpose is vital. Whether your clients have aging skin, hyperpigmentation, acne, or sensitised skin. Students will have a DermaQuest product for them.

A Tailored Skincare Routine

All skin types are different, what works for one client might not work for another. The range of DermaQuest products used should be tailored to your client and their evolving skin concerns. As their skin concerns change and improve, the aesthetician should introduce new products and swap out products no longer needed.


Ray Cochrane’s Level 4 Skin Peeling Course

On Ray Cochrane’s Level 4 Skin Peeling Course, students will learn how to complete chemical face peels with Dermapure’s specially formulated peel line, DermaQuest. The skin peel training will cover:

  • The benefits of skin peels for your client 
  • Product information
  • Treatment plans for skin concerns 

As one of the leading beauty schools in the UK, we have remained passionate about delivering quality training since 1954. Ray Cochrane’s DermaQuest partnership is only fitting, as we strive to work with brands as customer-orientated as we are. 

The Skin Peeling course will run for 12 weeks with 6 days of on-site practical training. In those practical sessions, students will be able to use DermaQuest products on live models. The practical use of skin peeling products will prepare students for when they start their aesthetic careers. Hands-on lessons will also enable the tutor to correct any mistakes before they form into habits.

Practical lessons will take place in our Canary Wharf location which is equipped with modern facilities and the latest equipment in aesthetic practices. 


What DermaQuest Products will Students Practice with?

In the Ray Cochrane DermaQuest Partnership, students will have access to a range of DermaQuest products for their training.

For this part, we will only focus on the treatments that students will be using to practise. These will include:

  • Glycolic Acid Resurfacer – 30%

A peel designed for clients with textured and rough skin. The Glycolic acid treatment helps to treat wrinkles and other ageing concerns by encouraging skin cell turnover. 

  • Salicylic Acid Resurfacer – 20%

This product is ideal when treating clients with acne-prone, oily and congested skin types. The peel works to reduce redness and prevents future breakouts for the client by stopping acne-causing oils. 

  • Primary Pumpkin Resurfacers

The brightening effects of pumpkin targets those with uneven and dull skin types. The pumpkin pulp helps to exfoliate whilst enriching the skin with vitamins and minerals.

  • Mangobrite Resurfacers

Suitable for clients with hyperpigmentation and hormonal breakouts. Using a combination of mango pulp, orange plant stem cells, and lactic acid to hydrate and brighten the skin. 


  • Lactic Acid Resurfacers

Suitable for clients with sensitised skin or conditions such as rosacea. The product has been designed to carefully and gently exfoliate the skin to further irritate it. 


As you can see from the list of peels mentioned above, students can practice treating clients with various skin concerns. Ensuring that upon completion of their Level 4 Skin Peeling Training they are fit for employment. 

The Ray Cochrane DermaQuest Partnership aims to give students access to leading products that they will use in employment. 

Are you curious as to how the Level 4 Skin Peeling training course can further elevate your career? Get in touch today! Our course enrolment staff are knowledgeable about all courses and their modules. They can be reached on 020 7486 6291 or email@raycochrane.co.uk.