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Adila Taurobally

As an ex student of RCBS I cannot thank Miss Suri enough. Everyday I stepped in my job and still think of her. I have been working as a Spa Manager for the Marriott Hotels for 17 years. My school days at RCBS was quite hectic at times being an international student but she always makes sure she is there for hard working students.

Jan 29 2019
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argiro kasaj

I did my level 2,3 and 4 course and i really enjoyed it and i learn so much thanks to my tutors Catherine Marley and Karina who are excellent, knowledgeable and so helpful! i had an amazing time through my 6 month course and definitely recommend it !

Dec 18 2018
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Marisol Barros

Did my level 4 Laser & IPL with Karina amazing tutor help me with everything and learn so much to, Great that Ray Cochrane Beauty School is open on the Saturday. Would deafly recommend it.

Dec 11 2018
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This is the best beauty school ever! Teachers are very knowledgeable and supportive. They work very hard to make sure that every student gets sufficient support for their studying. In the school the teachers were helping every single one of the students to make sure that they understood everything was taught in the class, both in theory and practical. I was doing two short courses at the same time, which means that I will have to complete almost 3 assignments each week. I have to say it was very stressful work and a big thank you to Karina, my tutor, who was very supportive and understandable. This school is worth every single penny I have paid for. Highly recommend! It is shame that the school does not run a course for a single unit for level 3. Thank you Roy Cochrane and Karina

Nov 11 2018
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Lois Jade Speight

I did a level 4 course at this school this year, my Tutor was Eleonora she is Amazing had the best experience so kind and helpful. Would recommend to anyone looking to do any kind of beauty Training.

Sep 29 2018
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Cristina Germanacos

I graduated from the school last year. It was an amazing experience that has given me an amazing start to my career. I will always be thankful that I got the chance and tools to do what I love. In 2018 i did a vtct laser level 4 course, which was great! Karina was amazing and very helpful and i enjoyed learning from her.

Sep 17 2018
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Caroline Khan

I completed my level 3 Beauty Therapy Diploma at RC earlier this year and my experience was a good one. The tutors are extremely knowledgable, Xubin and Catherine were very supportive and approachable and as a student I felt like I really mattered. My tutor Dion was very experienced and knowledgable and she taught us very well. The fast track courses can be very intense at times so be prepared to work hard and stay committed but believe me, it is so worth it!! I am proud to have studied at Ray Cochrane and I would highly recommend this prestigious school to anyone who is serious about a career in beauty.

Aug 27 2018
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Naza Cerhan

I am so glad that I took Level 4 Laser course from Ray Cochrane beauty college. Karina's teaching is so excellent, she makes sure that we understand everything what we were doing during our course and very supportive. Her explanation is very clear and simple to understood everything 100%. I definitely recommend to everyone who is looking for a Laser course with good affordable price and quality way of teaching. Thank you

Jul 13 2018
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Ventsislav Petrov

My girlfriend did Level 2 and 3 nails with Ray Cochrane . We are very happy with our choice. We have been looking for the right school for nearly 6 months. My girlfriend rented a small part of very busy hairdressing salon and is extremely happy with her job. We would like to thank the school for the help and the support they have provided. We recommend the school very much Veni

Jul 3 2018