We recently announced that we’ll launch four new advanced aesthetic courses for non-medical Aestheticians looking to add more qualifications to their resume. The VTCT (ITEC) Level 4 Award in Plasma Pen Techniques is among those latest offerings, and we’ve since had so many questions from those interested in more information about plasma fibroblast therapy. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss everything about plasma pens, the procedure, how to become qualified, and anything you’d want to know before introducing the treatment to your clients.

What is a Plasma Pen?

A Plasma Pen is a non-invasive cosmetic device designed for skin rejuvenation and tightening. Using the principle of plasma technology, the pen generates a controlled electrical discharge to create a tiny plasma arc that superficially heats the skin, causing it to contract and tighten. 

This innovative procedure is often used for reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin, as well as treating various skin imperfections such as age spots and acne scars. 

Unlike traditional surgical methods, the Plasma Pen requires minimal downtime and is considered a safer alternative for those seeking a more youthful appearance without undergoing invasive surgery.

What is Plasma Pen Fibroblast Therapy?

Plasma Fibroblast Therapy is a non-medical aesthetic procedure designed to enhance skin tightness using a plasma pen. This new and innovative treatment is also known as plasma skin resurfacing, regeneration, needling, or lift. The treatment is gaining traction due to the similarities the results have to Botox. Both treatments are designed to hide or reverse the signs of ageing; however, the fibroblast treatment offers longer-lasting results whilst being non-invasive! A real game changer to similar treatments on the market. 

The plasma fibroblast process involves using a pen that releases hot, gas-like plasma to generate trauma in skin cells called fibroblasts. Dermal fibroblasts, found in the deeper layers of the skin, are essential for the reproduction of collagen, which maintains skin elasticity.

Plasma Pen Therapy creates micro-injuries in the skin, but unlike microneedling, which makes tiny pricks into the skin, the plasma pen works without cutting but instead heats the skin, prompting fibroblasts to activate and initiate the repair and regeneration of the outer skin layers. Plasma Pen Therapy accelerates collagen production, improving facial lines, wrinkles, skin pigmentation, and the potential for various other skin concerns.

What is Plasma Pen Fibroblast? The long lasting alternative to Botox What is Plasma Pen Fibroblast? The long lasting alternative to Botox


What can you expect from a Plasma Pen Fibroblast Treatment?

At the beginning of the session, the Aesthetician carrying out the therapy will explain the above information to the client before working together to determine the treatment area. Numbing cream is applied to the area to reduce pain throughout the procedure. As mentioned, the treatment is non-invasive, so the discomfort should already be minimal.

Depending on the width of the treatment area/s, clients can expect the procedure to last up to 2 hours.

Once finished, clients can resume their daily activities; however, they may feel a sensation similar to sunburn. Clients may notice swelling and small scabbing called carbon crusts at the affected areas after the treatment. Therapists should remind them to avoid the temptation to pick at these scabs and let them fall off naturally, which should take about a week. 

Upon completing the healing process, the client can appreciate the results—radiant, youthful skin—for years to come!

What are the benefits of Plasma Fibroblast Therapy?

There are many reasons why Aestheticians and Cosmeticians around the globe are raving about Plasma Pen Fibroblast Therapy! 

Let’s delve into the multifaceted benefits that make this treatment a standout choice:

1. Is non-invasive:

The treatment is non-invasive, involving no incisions or cuts to the skin. This characteristic not only makes the procedure less painful compared to other aesthetic treatments but also allows clients to resume their daily activities immediately after the session. It’s a quick and convenient lunchtime pick-me-up!

2. Provide immediate and long-lasting results:

Post-treatment, the skin experiences an immediate tightening effect. However, the real magic happens during the third phase of healing, marked by collagen growth. Clients can expect to see the final results after 8-12 weeks. 

Most clients will need two sessions for the best results, but that depends on the individual Aesthetician consultation and opinion.

3. Can be safely administration across face and body:

The versatility of the Plasma Pen device is a notable advantage. The Plasma Pen device and treatment has gained much popularity as it can safely treat all face and body areas, including the eyes, neck, and mouth, which are more commonly hard to treat due to sensitivity. 

4. Address a variety of skin concerns:

Plasma Pen Therapy proves effective in addressing following skin concerns and more:

  • Sagging eyelids and eye bags
  • Crow’s feet
  • Chest/décolletage issues
  • Lip lines
  • Jowls
  • Stretch marks
  • Skin tags removal
  • Acne scars

The versatility of Plasma Pen Therapy makes it a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking targeted improvements in various aspects of their skin.

What is Plasma Pen Fibroblast? The long lasting alternative to Botox

How do you become qualified to offer Plasma Pen Therapy?

For those looking to safely and correctly issue the Plasma Pen treatment in the UK, you must have an accredited Level 4 in Plasma Pen Techniques. 

At Ray Cochrane, we are proud to have worked alongside VTCT, a specialist and globally recognised awarding body, to create their Level 4 Award in Plasma Pen Techniques.

Let us now understand what you will learn in the VTCT accredited Level 4 in Plasma Pen training provided by us.

What will you learn on the VTCT Level 4 in Plasma Pen Techniques?

To successfully complete the VTCT Level 4 qualification in Plasma Pen Techniques, learners will delve into a structured curriculum focused on the mastery of advanced skills in professional skin rejuvenation. The primary unit that encapsulates this qualification is “Enhance Appearance Using Plasma Pen Techniques.”

Enhance Appearance Using Plasma Pen Techniques

This unit focuses on enhancing learners’ knowledge, understanding, and practical skills in conducting professional skin rejuvenation treatments using plasma pen devices. It also explores the skills needed to conduct comprehensive consultations to determine client suitability for treatment. 

Learners will also learn to formulate specific treatment plans tailored to the client’s needs. The unit also covers the importance of providing pre and post-treatment advice, including recommendations for further treatments, to ensure clients fully benefit from the therapy and achieve optimal results. 

Aside from demonstrating their theoretical understanding, students must perform the plasma pen treatment successfully on a live model.

Students must complete five learning outcomes to ensure that they have fully understood the teachings of the course and are ready to perform the plasma pen treatment on clients. 

The five learning outcomes are as follows:

1. Environmental and Safety Considerations:

Interpret the environmental and safety considerations when providing skin rejuvenation using plasma treatment. Understand the protocols to ensure a secure and controlled treatment environment.

2. Protocols and Guidelines:

Comprehend the protocols and guidelines associated with providing skin rejuvenation using plasma treatment. This includes adherence to industry standards and best practices for optimal client outcomes.

3. Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathologies:

Acquire knowledge of the relevant anatomy, physiology, and pathologies related to skin rejuvenation using plasma treatment. A comprehensive understanding of these aspects is crucial for safe and effective treatment.

4. Consultation, Planning, and Preparation:

Demonstrate the skills required to consult, plan, and prepare for skin rejuvenation using plasma treatment. This involves the ability to assess client needs, customize treatment plans, and provide pre and post-treatment advice.

5. Practical Application:

Showcase proficiency in providing skin rejuvenation using plasma treatment by successfully performing the procedure. This practical aspect ensures that learners can translate their theoretical knowledge into real-world applications.

VTCT Level 4 in Plasma Pen Techniques entry requirements

Enrollment in this advanced aesthetic course is open to anyone holding an accredited Level 3 Beauty Therapy qualification. 

To be eligible for any of our advanced courses, please ensure you meet the following criteria:

  • Age 18 and above
  • Proficient command of the English language, both verbally and in writing
  • Possession of an accredited Level 3 Beauty Qualification or a Medical Qualification (e.g., Doctor or nurse)

During the enrollment process, you are required to provide evidence of meeting these requirements, either in person or via email, with the necessary documents.

Why choose Ray Cochrane Beauty Aesthetic Academy for your plasma pen training?

Since its establishment in 1954, Ray Cochrane has consistently upheld its position as London’s leading beauty and aesthetics training academy. Our student body includes individuals at various stages in their beauty and aesthetic careers, as we provide a broad academic range from beginner-friendly Level 2 beauty and facials to advanced Level 4 aesthetic courses. Whatever your passion is, we have the course for you!

As part of our efforts to be the best beauty aesthetic training academy, we prioritise supplying our students with state-of-the-art tools during their training. This ensures that as they transition to providing treatments in clinics, salons, and spas, they are well-acquainted with the cutting-edge equipment found in professional workplaces. The Plasma Pen training course illustrates this commitment as we have chosen a German-made plasma device that strikes the optimal balance between cost and quality. Our tutors have personally tested various plasma devices, ensuring our students can access the most affordable yet top-grade option. 

Students at Ray Cochrane have access to the latest equipment and training facilities and the best tutors. The tutors at Ray Cochrane are actively working professionals in the beauty and aesthetics industry. Rather than relying on outdated knowledge, our tutors, as clinic owners or freelancers, stay current with the latest treatments, products, and trends.

Our courses prioritise hands-on practice, whether on models, fellow students, or paying customers, ensuring all students who complete their training with us are confident in delivering their learned treatments with high-grade equipment immediately upon completion. The commitment to hands-on practice distinguishes us from other beauty and aesthetic training centres where their learners might lack confidence in delivering treatments to clients due to a lack of practical experience.

Finally, we offer continuous support to our students and graduates, from pre-enrollment to securing employment. Our job board, exclusive to our learners, provides early access to job postings from renowned beauty and aesthetic companies who want our students as they know our training standards are amongst the finest in the country. Additionally, we provide assistance with CVs and interview preparation to enhance our students’ prospects when applying for jobs.

Choose us for an educational journey that combines expertise, practical experience, and a strong community!

Enrol or find out more information about the Plasma Fibroblast training course

Our first course date is 7th March 2024.

For more details on enrolling in our Level 4 Plasma Pen Techniques course with hands-on training and high-spec equipment, you have several convenient options:

  1. Call us at 0203 856 8886 during our office hours, Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM. Our course enrollment advisors maintain a vast knowledge of everything Beauty and Aesthetics and can provide accurate and up-to-date guidance.
  2. Alternatively, you can request additional information and an enrollment link via email at admission@raycochrane.co.uk. Please identify your plasma pen interest in the subject line.
  3. Use our live chat feature, which is available in the right-hand corner of the website. Again, this feature is only accessible during the school’s working hours.

Don’t worry! Express your interest today without any obligation to enrol immediately. Our course enrollment advisors will provide you with all the necessary information about your desired course, and the decision to proceed is entirely yours.

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