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Allowing you to stand out above other graduates

If you’re looking to take the next or even the first step onto a career in the beauty industry, the Advanced Aesthetic module (AAM) is an essential part of accelerating into a higher level career path. The AAM comes as standard with all Ray Cochrane CIDESCO and CIBTAC courses will help you stand out above graduates from other courses which do not have the same practical and hands on training.

This module is completely unique in that no other schools or programs offer it, so by securing it under your belt, you can make sure that you set yourself apart and are able to advance your career faster and further than most other aestheticians.

[accordion title=”ABOUT ADVANCED AESTHETIC MODULE”] [accordion-item title=”Why The Advanced Aesthetic Module?”]

  • The Beauty Industry is changing -The fact of the matter is that the beauty industry is changing and if you aren’t keeping up with the changes, you are going to find yourself outdated very quickly. Clients always want the latest and most innovative of treatment methods and unless you’re able to offer them, you won’t be able to retain your client base as you had hoped you would.
  • People now demand higher level non-surgical Aesthetic Treatments – More and more people are starting to opt for non-surgical treatment options, which is precisely what this module is all about. Topping the list of service requests at many salons and spas is skin peels and laser hair removal.
  • High Level Skin Treatments – These treatments offer high level benefits and noticeable changes, which is part of their appeal. Clients don’t have to receive numerous treatments in order for them to start working, but will see great results quickly.
    Shortage of Qualified and Skilled Aesthetic Professionals – As salons and spas start offering these services to keep up with demand, it’s becoming harder and harder to find qualified individuals to fill these positions. That’s where this module can help.By gaining these skills, you’ll be highly employable and be in a position to apply for higher paid jobs.

The exclusive Advanced Aesthetic Module is included in both our CIDESCO and CIBTAC courses.


[accordion-item title=”What Advanced Aesthetic Module Entails”]

  • Core Knowledge of Laser Hair Removal – The ‘Core of Knowledge’ is a syllabus outlined in the UK Department of Health’s MHRA document “Guide to the Safe Use of Lasers, Intense Pulsed Light and LED’s in Medical, Dental and Cosmetic Practice”. The Care Quality Commission requires evidence that all users have completed a ‘Core of Knowledge’ course.
  • Laser Treatment Overview – There are a number of different varieties of laser treatment, so it’s important that you are educated in which ones will best match each a person’s needs. Furthermore, the more skilled the technician is (you), the better this process will work, which is why it’s essential you develop skills in this area.
  • Training on Syneron Candela (leading laser technology) – In addition to learning core foundation knowledge of laser hair removal, you’ll also learn about laser hair removal using Candela laser, which combines two different lasers for even better results. This treatment is great for not only removing unwanted hair, but it can also help treat wrinkles and skin impurities at the same time.
  • Advanced Skin Peels Training – Finally, rounding out the course you’ll get to learn about skin peels such as microdermabrasion along with chemical and herbal peels. These will enhance the youthfulness of your client’s skin and reduce the level of impurities.

So if you want to take your career to the next level, come see what makes us different than every other courses out there and sign up for this advanced level course that will set you apart.

The exclusive Advanced Aesthetic Module is included in both our CIDESCO and CIBTAC courses.


[accordion-item title=”Start Dates and Fees”]

The exclusive Advanced Aesthetic Module is included in both our CIDESCO and CIBTAC courses. We also offer separate VTCT level 4 certificate in laser and IPL treatment training course. Please click the link for more information about highly demand level 4 laser training.


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The exclusive Advanced Aesthetic Module is included in both our CIDESCO and CIBTAC courses. See below how other standard CIBTAC/CIDESCO courses compare with the Ray Cochrane CIBTAC/CIDESCO training incorporating the Advanced Aesthetic Module. By gaining these skills, you’ll be highly employable and in a position to apply for higher paid jobs.



[accordion-item title=”Why Choose Ray Cochrane?”]

  • Learn From The Best – Our principle is Director and Chairwoman of the CIDESCO GB School and ex-Vice president of CIDESCO International.
  • Higher Level Pass Rate – Our Principal is a CIDESCO and CIBTAC Senior Examiner and understands what it takes to excel.
  • More Employable – Graduate from a prestigious school plus our exclusive Advanced Aesthetic Module gives you a commercial edge.
  • Interest Free Payment Plan – Spread your course fees over 6 months


[accordion-item title=”Testimonials”]

[testimonial image=”https://www.raycochrane.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/gabrielle-martinez.jpg” name=”Gabrielle Martinez, Spain” stars=”5″]
After completing my diploma, I returned back to my home country of Spain. Within a matter of weeks I was able to secure a job at one of Madrid’s most prestigious hotels. The most incredible thing was, the woman who interviewed me knew about the Ray Cochrane Beauty School! I really love my job. As an employee of this hotel, not only to get to meet exciting people but I get incredible perks such as cheap hotel deals all around the world! I really do love my profession.