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Advanced Aesthetic Skin Training for the Future Leading Aestheticians.

Our Level 4 Advanced Skin Training courses were curated to set apart current Beauty Therapists from their competitors. Ray Cochrane Beauty School has been training the future leading beauticians and aestheticians for the last 60 years.

The Advanced Aesthetician Training Courses have been created for students to take advantage of a booming industry. An industry with much room for progression. At Ray Cochrane, we teach our students how to take advantage of these non-surgical and non-invasive procedures that are taking over the industry.

These Level 4 aesthetic courses are fully accredited by VTCT and are OFQUAL regulated. The courses taught here at RCBS are unique in that no other schools or programs offer the same structure.

Why The Advanced Aesthetic Courses?

The Beauty Industry is changing

The beauty industry is changing, and if you aren’t keeping up with the changes, you will find yourself outdated very quickly. Clients always want the latest and most innovative treatment methods. If you’re unable to offer them, you won’t be able to retain your client base as you had hoped you would. The non-invasive cosmetic procedures industry is valued at £2.75 billion and makes up 9 out of 10 procedures.

People now demand higher-level non-surgical Aesthetic Treatments

More and more people are starting to opt for non-surgical treatment options, which is precisely what this module is all about. Topping the list of service requests at many salons and spas is skin peels and laser hair removal. Consumers are looking for treatments that will treat their troubled areas and allow them to go back to work straight away. They are also cost-effective as compared to invasive procedures which have encouraged the everyday person to invest more in their appearance. Whereas in the past cosmetic procedures such as fillers, laser hair removal, and skin peeling were saved for those with disposable income.

High-Level Skin Treatments

These treatments offer high-level benefits and noticeable changes, which is part of their appeal. Clients don’t have to receive numerous treatments in order for them to start working but will see great results quickly.
There is high demand for Qualified and Skilled Aesthetic Professionals in the UK. As salons and spas start offering these services to keep up with demand, it’s becoming harder and harder to find qualified individuals to fill these positions. That’s where these Level 4 advanced aesthetic courses can help.

By gaining these skills, you’ll be highly employable and be in a position to apply for higher-paid jobs. Gaining your qualification from the Ray Cochrane Beauty School will also put you ahead as an alumnus of a prestigious beauty school.

What Advanced Aesthetic Courses Entail

Our advanced Level 4 Courses include:

Core Knowledge of Laser Hair Removal

The ‘Core of Knowledge’ is a syllabus outlined in the UK Department of Health’s MHRA document “Guide to the Safe Use of Lasers, Intense Pulsed Light and LED’s in Medical, Dental and Cosmetic Practice”. The Care Quality Commission requires evidence that all users have completed a ‘Core of Knowledge’ course.

There are a number of different varieties of laser treatment, so it’s important that you are educated in which ones will best match each person’s needs. Furthermore, the more skilled the technician is (you), the better this process will work, which is why it’s essential you develop skills in this area.

(leading laser technology) – In addition to learning core foundation knowledge of laser hair removal, you’ll also learn about laser hair removal using Candela laser, which combines two different lasers for even better results. This treatment is great for not only removing unwanted hair, but it can also help treat wrinkles and skin impurities at the same time.

Level 4 chemical skin peeling

Students on our chemical skin peeling course will learn how to use various chemicals for skin peelings, such as Glycolic acid, Salicylic Acid, Kojic acid, and more. Skin peels will enhance the youthfulness of your client’s skin, treat damaged skin, and reduce the level of impurities.

A lot of skin peeling training courses will promise you that you can learn everything in 1 day. But here at Ray Cochrane, we believe that you need to learn the core science behind chemical peels and the chemicals you will be using. Knowing the whys, the hows, and when will make you a better aesthetician. It will also reduce the risk of damaging your client’s skin.

Students will also learn how to successfully complete consultations and give post-treatment advice. These aspects of our course, make our skin peeling training different, as we prepare students to enter employment immediately upon completion.

So if you want to take your career to the next level, head on over to our course page to find out what makes RCBS a leading beauty school.

Start Dates and Fees

As the UK’s largest aesthetic laser training centre ( by VTCT student registration number), we run the laser level 4 course very frequently. You can either enrol on our standard 5 weeks course or complete a 4 days intensive fast-track course.

The level 4 Chemical Skin Peeling Course will run for 12 weeks with 6 days of practical training with access to a live model.

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Our Advanced Aesthetic Courses are in line with changing legislation and growing insurance company demands. By gaining these skills, you’ll be highly employable and in a position to apply for higher paid jobs.

Potential earnings for advanced aesthetician

Why Choose Ray Cochrane Beauty School?

The Ray Cochrane Beauty School has over 60 years of experience and is one of the leading beauty schools in the UK. As a family-run business, we are strict in the quality of the courses that we offer students. Industry experts who have many years of experience under their belts are the tutors at RCBS.

The advanced level 4 Certificate in Laser and IPL course is number 1 in the UK. Our professional tutors are all experienced aestheticians, some even with their clinics so you can rest assured you are receiving the best training. These advanced skin aesthetic courses have been carefully curated by our highly experienced tutors to cover everything you need to know to go out in the field and start practicing.

Our classrooms are in the heart of London and filled with up-to-date equipment and clinic-leading skin peeling brands.

Interested in completing your Level 4 aesthetic courses? Get in touch today!! You can send us an email at admission@raycochrane.co.uk  today. Just quote “advanced aesthetic courses ” in your header and the right team will be in touch with you!