From Hollywood A-listers like Helen Mirren to socialites like Kim Kardashian to pop singers like Madonna – microblading is one of the most popular beauty treatments sought after to achieve fuller-looking natural brows to look camera ready.

It is a popular form of artistry that architectures the brows to become a masterpiece that would make Michaelangelo jealous. It’s a treatment that achieves amazing skills loved by many and requires a great deal of talent, skill and artistry to perform.

With more and more people wanting to achieve the Cara Delevingne-esque brow look, it’s not a surprise why the microblading industry is becoming a treatment that is in greater demand and takes the beauty world by storm.

A woman having her eyebrows done

The appearance of bolder brows frame the face and enhance your natural beauty. They are a great option for those who are officially done with their sparse brows and are wanting to feel a boost of confidence in their appearance.

The semi-permanent beauty treatment works by using a super fine blade to create micro cuts (similar to paper cuts) into the skin whilst inserting cosmetic tattoo pigment between eyebrow hairs under the first layer of skin. This gives the illusion of natural, beautiful brows that can last for years. It’s one of the best treatments as it’s a worthy investment that gives a flawless finish the brows.

Are you thinking of becoming a certified microblading artist? Read on to find how you can become one. If you’re looking to be benefiting off this rapidly growing industry, then you are in the right place! We provide the best training in London to become a Microblading Technician.

At Ray Cochrane Beauty School, we offer training to receive the VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Enhancing Eyebrows with Microblading Techniques.


Why is it important to be qualified?

The VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Enhancing Eyebrows with Microblading Techniques is an advanced qualification for beauty therapists and medical specialists to provide the highest quality standard to become the best eyebrow technician you can be and sculpt bombshell brows of perfection.

Gaining the right qualifications with us means that you will be able to practice with ease. You will be qualified and receive training to learn the skills to analyse the skin, identify potential risks and have the expertise to provide a tailored treatment plan to your clients’ needs so you can give them the highest quality treatment.

The specially tailored treatment plan includes consultation, shaping the eyebrows, pre-drawing the eyebrows and knowledge of eyebrow techniques. During classes, students practice on fake skin to perfect their technique.


Our course covers five main units being:

  • Health and safety in the salon
  • Client care and consultation
  • Enhance appearance using microblading techniques
  • Anatomy and physiology for microblading techniques
  • Eyebrow shaping services


If you are not certified to be a microblading artist, it can be difficult to be employed as you have less of a developed skill set to show potential employers. Even if you can do microblading but aren’t certified by an accredited body, employers would not want to risk allowing you to practice on clients as you lack the qualification and professional training.

If you’re a private beauty therapist/makeup artist and want to carry out microblading on your clients, if you make an error without having the adequate training then you can risk being sued tens of thousands of pounds and your reputation being damaged. Having the correct qualifications demonstrates to potential clients that you care about your craft and left feeling reassured that you provide a quality service. It also allows you and your business to be properly insured and protected.


Why should you get into microblading?

Microblading offers a lucrative source of income as it is a rapidly growing and thriving industry. According to NPD, the eyebrow industry is worth a whopping £20 million and on average, you can earn approximately £300 per procedure which is around 2 hours.

This works well as clients have to receive a touch-up treatment every six weeks as by then the skin would have fully healed. So, the eyebrows will appear 30-70% lighter. This offers a more sustainable form of income and a way to earn regular clients.

If you have your own beauty practice, you will need to be able to get insurance to protect you and your business with liability cover, contents cover and legal expenses.

Our teaching provides you with the skills to go to the next level in your beauty career.


Why should you study with us?

There are many private training providers out there that offer courses but that only offer short, unregulated courses that do not provide adequate training to be fully qualified.

We understand that as a beauty therapist or makeup artist, you may be busy working, studying or have children to look after which means you don’t have time to take off work to go into full training.

The structure of our training course is part-time, with classes taking place one day a week over a period of 6 weeks.

This is a great way to be able to train and fit the course to work around you, so you can balance work around your studies. On the course, you will spend 3-4 months undertaking course studies and coursework at your centre being whilst fully supported by us.

Since 1954, we have been providing exceptional beauty training courses at our school and received lovely testimonials from our alumni who have gone on to be thriving in the industry.

We also cater to your financial situations by offering 12 months interest-free installment payments if you prefer to pay in more manageable installments.


What is the structure of the course?

The course runs over a period of 6 weeks.

In the first 4 days of the 4 weeks (the first four sessions), you will be taught by our tutors who are experts in the beauty industry who will go through the theory of microblading and practical elements of performing the procedure. This allows you to gain full knowledge and have a hands-on experience practicing on fake skin to perfect the art of microblading.

The final 2 days over the last 2 weeks are for the practical assessment and written test. This is where you will be tested to see how well you have learnt during the course and how well you perform before we qualify you to get out there and perform on your clients.

The class hours are from 10 am to 4 pm and the class size is up to 8 students in one class so you will be able to receive more support and guidance during tutorials.

We structure our course to be manageable and worth your money so you get the best training. You can find out more information on our course here and register to get on your way to becoming a microblading technician by getting in touch with us today on 0203 856 8886 or by emailing us on