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We have exciting news for all lash enthusiasts and aspiring lash technicians looking for professional lash training in London!

We are thrilled to announce the recent launch of our Classic Lash Extension Course, which will transform your passion for lashes into a successful career. Mirka Pitternova, an award-winning lash artist renowned for her expertise in the artistry of eyelash extensions with over 14 years of experience in a highly competitive industry, will deliver the Classic Lash Course at Ray Cochrane Beauty Aesthetic Academy!

In the popular industry of lash enhancements, we understand that embarking on a professional and high-quality lash course is a significant step toward achieving your career goals.

In this blog we will guide you about the lash technician, required qualifications and how to become a certified technician, if you are eager to kickstart your lash extension education and choose the best training.

Let’s get started.

What is a Lash Technician? 

A Lash Technician is a specialist who enhances the appearance of their client’s natural lashes by applying eyelash extensions, resulting in a fuller and thicker aesthetic. A talented lash tech can use various methods and lash types to tailor the extension application to each client and their eye shapes, ensuring a unique lash look.

Successful Lash Technicians must maintain a steady hand and meticulous attention to detail for precise lash applications. The process typically takes 1.5 to 4 hours, beginning with a pre-treatment routine on natural lashes, followed by the careful attachment of individual lash extensions.

The longevity of lash extensions range from two weeks to two months, depending on the natural lash growth cycle and client maintenance. Infill appointments are recommended every two to four weeks to maintain the full and healthy appearance of the lash extensions following the initial session.

Vogue Business says, “…Google searches for eyelash extensions have skyrocketed and are likely to continue growing in the next year.”


How do you become a certified Lash Technician?

Many lash courses on the market promise to train you to be a fully competent lash technician in just one day or even entirely virtually! Is that true?

In our opinion, no

To become a certified Lash Technician, you must complete an accredited lash extension training course. The course must cover theory learning, including understanding human eyelashes, contraindications, aftercare, and health and safety surrounding lash treatments. Aside from the theory, students should have practical training in how to apply lash extensions safely and correctly.

As mentioned, we’ve finally launched our lash extension course after much market research and careful planning. Many of our students complained about the lash training they had received elsewhere, and we realised that there was a gap in the market for thorough lash technician training with ongoing support and hands-on practice. 

Ray Cochrane’s accredited Classic Lash Extension Course:

Mirka Pitternova, acclaimed lash master trainer and technician, has collaborated with Eleonora Androva, Ray Cochrane’s Education Director, to create the ultimate Classic Lash Extension Course. Eleonora has extensive experience creating industry-leading aesthetic courses, having worked with the VTCT awarding body to create its most recent aesthetic courses, and our new lash course is no different! 

The course combines five to six hours of independent theory learning and a full day of hands-on practical training to ensure that students are confident lash technicians upon completion.

The practical training will take place at Ray Cochrane London facilities, where we will provide learners with live models to practice their classic lash application. Most other lash courses on the market have students practising on a model dummy head. However, Mirka advises that a live model is essential as a dummy head does not accurately simulate real-life circumstances. The expert tutor will assess the work on the models, correcting and advising learners on their technique as they go along.

After the in-person day training, students must go away and complete two case studies on real-life models, which Mirka will then evaluate. Certificates are only issued when students are deemed fully competent and confident! 

What qualifications do you need to do Eyelash Extensions?

To enrol in our lash extension training course, you don’t need prior experience; however, you must meet the following requirements criteria:

  • be over the age of 16
  • have a good command of the English Language
  • passionate about offering clients top-quality lash extensions
  • have a steady hand

We advise that students be passionate about the profession they are enrolling in to ensure they get the best training results. Those enrolled in our lash technician course will complete their theoretical learning independently and complete their learning well if they are passionate. 

Maintaining a steady hand is crucial. As a lash extension specialist, you can work on a set for up to three hours. You will need a steady hand to ensure that your work remains consistent throughout that time to produce the best results for your client. If you have shaky hands or carpal tunnel, this may not be the most suitable profession for you. 

Is Eyelash Extension training worth it?

Pricing is an important factor when investing in any training for the future, and you must ensure you are getting a return on investment. Most eyelash extension courses range from £200 – £500, and on average, lash technicians make around £20 – £40 per hour. These figures mean that a lash tech charging £40 an hour could make £500 in as little as 12.5 hours, a great return on investment compared to many other careers!

Aside from the cost of the course, we encourage those interested in and searching for a course to consider the following questions when deciding on the right course for them. How long is the course? What facilities do you have access to? Who is teaching the course, and what is their experience? What is the aftercare support like?

The most important gauge of how “worth it” a course is would be how successful you become in your chosen field following completion, and we believe at Ray Cochrane, we’ve created the perfect lash extension course!

Do you need insurance to do eyelash extensions in the UK?

Whilst you don’t legally need insurance to operate a self-employed eyelash technician. We highly recommend it as there are various risks associated with eyelash extension insurance, so it is an essential investment when starting your lash tech career. 

We recommend the following types of insurance to be purchased together:

  • Product liability insurance is a form of coverage that shields businesses from claims resulting from injuries or damages caused by the defects of products you have used, sold or supplied. For a lash technician, such injuries can range from severe allergic reactions and infections to the accumulation of formaldehyde arising from the adhesive glue used during the application process.
  • Public liability insurance protects business owners from being held accountable for damages or injuries arising from their business activities. This coverage is valuable even in minor incidents; for instance, as a freelance lash technician providing services at clients’ homes, a mishap like accidentally spilling glue on their carpet and causing damage would require replacement or repair, and this is where public liability insurance becomes essential.

Why choose Ray Cochrane for your Lash Extension training? 

There are many benefits to choosing to study your lash extension training with Ray Cochrane.

Course delivered by a renowned academy and a globally acknowledged tutor

Ray Cochrane Beauty Aesthetics Academy is a longstanding institution offering top-tier beauty and aesthetic courses since 1954. Our extensive history ensures that our lash extension course is ingrained with 70 years of expertise and advocated by our legacy of excellence. 

As an academy renowned for its experienced tutors, trust us when we say there is no one better than Mirka with whom we can collaborate to deliver the ultimate lash training courses. Mirka has worked in the beauty industry since 2010; after many requests to open her training facilities, she finally launched “Beauty by Mirka” in 2016 and has been thriving since. Aside from training students, her work as a lash and brow specialist has been showcased in many magazines, including Lash Inc Italia, Fleek, Lash-Ed magazine, and highlighted in OK magazine and London Business Magazine.

This partnership guarantees you will receive exceptional training to thrive in the lash industry.


Ongoing career support

Working with Mirka, we are proud to guarantee students assistance and guidance throughout their journey to becoming successful lash technicians. From ongoing feedback as you work on your case studies and portfolio to social media advice and brand-building, Mirka offers lifetime support to our students.

Aside from the support from Mirka, our student support executives will assist you from the moment you express interest in the course, answering your questions with their many years of experience working in the beauty and aesthetic industry to helping you build your career by offering CV support and access to our independent job board.

Discounts on leading tools and supplies for Eyelash Technicians

Throughout the training, students will use the best quality products in the eyelash extension industry, as recommended by Mirka and her experience. Using these products ensures that students won’t struggle with harmful products and can focus on building their skills, knowing that they are working with products that are tried and tested by an experienced lash technician.

Mirka is sure that you will love them and want to utilise them in the future; students will be offered a discount code upon completion. The code will allow our learners to buy these products directly from trusted suppliers, enabling them to build inventory at an affordable price!

In-depth curriculum

The contents of our lash extension course are designed to cover everything learners need to start working as a lash technician. 


The theoretical learning is conducted online on the Beauty by Mirka online learning portal. The online learning resources contain written materials, photos, and videos; students will have lifetime access to this portal. Our vast curriculum covers:

  • Health and safety protocols
  • Patch tests
  • Contraindications
  • Consultation techniques
  • Classic lash application, maintenance, and removal
  • Business setup, maximising business potential, and legal requirements for offering treatments to paying clients


  • Application of eye pads
  • Lash mapping 
  • Application of individual eyelash extensions

On your hands-on practical training day, learners refine their skills by working on live models, ensuring an all-around and engaging learning experience.


So, that wraps up everything you need to know when considering starting your journey to becoming a qualified Lash Technician! We hope we’ve answered all of your questions through this blog. You can contact us at 0203 856 8886. Alternatively, email with “Classic lash course enquiry” in the subject line, and our course consultants will assist you.