microdermabrasion at home

In today’s blog, we will be learning how to treat yourself to microdermabrasion treatment at home! Our previous blog post on lockdown skincare tips from our beauty expert proved to be a hit! So we’ve decided to start a series on beauty tips from home. 

So let’s get right into it!

What is Microdermabrasion?

For those of you who don’t know, microdermabrasion is simply the buffing of the skin. The treatment is non-invasive, an excellent choice for those of us with busy schedules. The buffing removes the dead skin and is useful as microdermabrasion speeds the shedding of dead skin cells. 

If you’ve been to a nail salon before, it is similar to how they use a buffer to buff the nails. 

Microdermabrasion is combining 2 methods for facial rejuvenation, mechanical exfoliation and vacuum suction, with the mechanical exfoliation we have all those benefits you mentioned, buffing the old cells away and they are replaced with newer healthier cells and the skin got that amazingly fresh look, and on another side that evens out the skin tone.  With the Vacuum suction, we are draining any toxins away too, due to helping the 2 circulatory systems blood and lymph. When we improve blood circulation we bring the fresh nutrients to the surface of the skin, and with suction, we help the lymph to drain the toxins away

How does Microdermabrasion benefit the skin?

Microdermabrasion is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking to improve their skin texture. It can treat pigmentation, fine lines, and large pores. 

Immediately after the treatment, you will notice softer and smoother skin. Long-term results will reveal brighter skin with less formed comedones.

Microdermabrasion triggers the skin to act as though it’s wounded and start repairing itself. The repair process encourages the skin to become thicker, softer, elasticated, and eventually looks healthier.

There are two options for microdermabrasion, Crystal Microdermabrasion or Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion. Our skincare expert Eleonora uses a Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion but, we will explain the benefits of both.

Crystal Microdermabrasion 

Crystal Microdermabrasion is the more popular form of microdermabrasion and has been around longer. When treated using crystals, super-fine crystals pass through the microdermabrasion machine to a glass or stainless steel wand. The wand sprays the crystals over the skin, similarly to sanding for your skin! The wand then vacuums up the crystals and exfoliated skin particles. 

When treated by a professional, they discard the used crystals after each treatment!

Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion

Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion is a newer method and is usually the chosen method for at-home treatments. It is safer as there is no chance of crystals accidentally getting into the eyes. Some also argue that it is cleaner as there are no stray crystals left on the skin. 

Rather than crystals exfoliating the skin, a diamond-encrusted tip attaches to the wand. The tip will pass over the skin, exfoliating before being vacuumed away. There are usually different tips that come with the machine. Each diamond-encrusted tip has different grit levels, finer the tip, the less harsh they are on the skin. 

The fine tips are for use on the face, whereas the harsher tips, used for the body to treat stretch marks, etc. 

Now that we’ve explained the benefits of microdermabrasion, the process, and the methods. Let’s get started on how to give yourself the treatment at home. As mentioned, Eleonora will be using a Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion kit, we’d recommend doing so also to follow along!

How to Carry out Microdermabrasion at Home