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Regardless of whether you are in high school or you’re looking to change careers later in life, now is the perfect time for thinking about training in the world of beauty therapy. That’s because, with so many different pathways and lots of opportunities for employment, a career in the beauty industry is incredibly fulfilling.

Intrigued? Well here are just some of the careers you could establish yourself in after completing a beauty course:

Beauty Therapist

The role of a beauty therapist is an extremely important one as your skills can help your clients look their absolute best, meaning you’ll really boost their confidence. Indeed, the more you help your customers the more they will return to you and recommend you to friends.

Some of your roles as a beauty therapist could include:

Removing unwanted body hair, i.e. through waxing or laser remover
• Spray tans
• Eyebrow enhancements such as shaping or microblading
• Eyelash tinting and extensions
Manicures and pedicures
• Non-surgical cosmetic enhancements

You will also find yourself as a sort of salesperson, who will suggest different treatments or products that would benefit your clients.

Generally, your working hours will be 9am-5pm including Saturdays, however, some salons will offer late nights to fit in with their client’s working hours too, especially at busy times like the run up to Christmas. A beauty therapist usually has the option of being very flexible with their hours, with many working part-time or on a self-employed basis, making it perfect for family commitments.

When you become a beauty therapist you might find yourself employed by a salon or it could be that you rent a space there and your clients will come to you. Some beauty therapists will also come to the homes of their customers for treatments.

There is also the opportunity to take positions on places like cruise ships or in care homes, where you will help the residents look and feel as good as possible.

Make-Up Artist

A make-up artist is an exciting career that can take you all over the world if you would like it to. As make-up artists are constantly needed for fashion shows, movie sets and even making sure the rich and famous are looking their most glamorous.

Becoming a make-up artist doesn’t mean you have to move away from your home though, as many make-up artists can have a lucrative career providing wedding and special occasion make-up. Which can actually be even more exciting than doing make-up for movies, as you get to make someone feel extra-beautiful on one of the most important days of their lives.

Different types of make-up artists include:

• Fashion
• Editorial
• Theatre
• Film/TV
• Wedding
• Prom or other special occasions
• Make-up salesperson

Generally, make-up artists are self-employed and will travel to their clients but you’ll also find some make-up artists in salons and on the concession stands of make-up brands in department stores. You will also find it beneficial to market yourself on social media such as Instagram, as this is a good place to increase your client base.

Nail Technician

Nail technicians are extremely popular additions to salons, as clients will return regularly (approximately every 3-4 weeks) to get their nails done. Which means, you are far more likely to get clients to sign up for other beauty therapy treatments while they are there.

A nail technician is likely to offer the following services to clients:

Manicures and pedicures
• Application/removal of nail extensions such as acrylics
• Create highly decorated designs using varnish, acrylic colours, gems etc.
• Offer nail extension repairs
• Advise on nail care and offer nail care treatments to improve nails

Most salons will either employ their own nail technician or rent out chairs to one or two people. Like the other therapists in a salon, being a nail technician can be very flexible as you can book appointments at times that suit you. Some nail technicians will choose to visit the homes of their clients.

Trends in nail art and techniques can change often, so be prepared to be open to learning new techniques and investing in new products in order to keep your clients happy. Just remember, being at the top of the latest trends – and advertising them on social media – will help ensure your bookings are always full!

Product Sales

By completing a beauty therapy course and likely gaining experience in the industry, you will be well qualified to advise and sell products to the public. This could be something that is done part time – such as selling certain products your salon uses or it could be a full-time job such as working for a make-up company.

Sales isn’t for everyone, but you might just be surprised at how good you are at it. After all, many of your roles as a beauty therapist or nail technician is to advise your clients on products or services that would work well for them – so selling them something to take home isn’t that much different.

Business Owner

Regardless of whether you choose to go down the path of beauty therapy or perhaps as a nail technician, there is always plenty of room to grow in your field too. In particular, rather than renting a chair or space in another salon, you may wish to think about becoming a business owner yourself.

Here you could choose to have your own shop where only you work, which will give you the flexibility to both market and decorate your shop as you like, as well as choosing your own opening times. Then, in time, you might want to add other people to your shop who can offer beauty therapy treatments that you’re not trained in.

If you find yourself successful, there may even be scope for you to open up further salons, employing more people and even taking on some apprenticeships. Before you know it, you’ll be your very own business mogul!

If you’re thinking about a career in the beauty therapy industry, then get in touch with us here at the Ray Cochrane Beauty School, where we’ll be able to help you find the perfect beauty course for you. Just think, in no time at all, you could be training for your dream career!