Level 2 & 3 Nail Technician Course Qualified Nail technician giving customer a manicure

The nail industry is booming! People want to have well-manicured nails in an express time frame. The lunchtime manicures/pedicures are very popular treatments and nail extensions are even more so. You must be a highly skilled Nail Technician with excellent knowledge, skill and experience to be able to succeed in this industry. You must be aware of the reactions that take place in order for acrylic nails to harden, Gel nails to cure under a U.V. lamp and extensive skill in treating the nail plate correctly. It is surprising to discover that in this industry there are employees without a fully recognised qualification.

To become a fully qualified nail technician you have to gain a recognised qualification like VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Nail Technology. Having this qualification will guarantee you employment whether it is in a salon or as a freelance nail technician as it is fully insurable and recognised by the UK government.

How Qualifications are Assembled?

National Occupational Standards (NOS) set requirements that need to be met by all examining boards. These requirements are set according to what these professionals feel are the minimum requirements needed to work within the Nail Technician field at that particular time. You need a certain amount of knowledge, skills and understanding of nail enhancements, e.g., gel and acrylic nails, forms, and electric filing.

Your education and training at The Ray Cochrane Beauty School London, will teach you everything that you need to know to achieve your VTCT Level 3 Nail Technology Diploma. You will learn all about health and safety, potential customer service problems and legislation which will help you to learn how to deal with various problems before you enter the workplace. You will be taught the theory behind each nail enhancement process and the practical skills to achieve a professional standard of treatment.

The standards that are set are there to benefit you whether you are a student or somebody who is just looking to gain better job opportunities. Perhaps you are currently working in a nail technician role but you have not yet learned everything that there is to learn OR your qualification is not recognised in the UK? You will find that in EU countries you will need a qualification to prove that you are competent within your nail technician role.

What are the Necessary Nail Technician Qualifications?

There are a number of qualifications you can gain on your way to a career as a nail technician.

Level 1 Nail Technician Course

Level one is the basic beginner qualification. It will train you up to an assistant’s level and you will learn how to give basic consultations. You will also learn how to perform basic treatments as well as helping to prepare more advanced treatments for professional nail technicians. Generally this is the most basic level of training. Once you have completed the Level one, you will likely need to carry on training with higher levels to get a better position within the company.

NVQ Level 2 Nail Technician Qualification Course

NVQ Level 2 Nail Technician Qualification course trains you to become a junior nail technician with an intermediate skills set so that they can work alone with clients. It will teach you essentials that you need to know about artificial nails, manicures and pedicures as well as health and safety issues that you should be aware of. At Ray Cochrane, we offer a well structured Level 2 Course that will help you gain your qualification in just 12 weeks!

level 2 qualification process

NVQ Level 3 Nail Technician Qualification Course

Finally, this Level 3 nail Technician Qualification course is the complete course designed for those who want to become advanced nail technicians No prior knowledge is needed, as we will teach you everything you need to know to reach a supervisory level. It teaches you more about artificial nails, electric filing and nail art and design. The Level 2 & 3 Combined Nail Technician Diploma is the complete qualification to become a professional nail technician we offer at The Ray Cochrane Beauty School. unique as we take you from beginner to fully qualified

level 2& 3 nail technician qualification process

This course runs 1 day a week for a total of 19 weeks or 2 days per week for 10 weeks. Gain your Diploma in this fast track Nail Technology Course.

To gain your nail technician qualification, get in contact with us at email@raycochrane.co.uk or call us on 020 7486 6291.